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Photo of the Week - 20 July 2017 (BritishTicos)

Photographer - 'BritishTicos' : "It's nothing short of spectacular and so pristine. I believe the park service are the unsung heroes of the U.S."
27 months ago, July 25th 2017 No: 1 Msg: #201829  
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Stephen HS

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Nominated by:
D MJ Binkley - "Nice view, creative."

Seconded by:
auspicious - "love that color!"

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27 months ago, July 25th 2017 No: 2 Msg: #201837  
Very nice photo. Congratulations on photo of the week! Reply to this

27 months ago, July 25th 2017 No: 3 Msg: #201840  
Thanks for the nomination fellow Travel Bloggers! We took this while visiting Yellowstone last week and it is of the Grand Prismatic Spring. The colors are extraordinary with the deepest part of the pool being a deep blue and then transitioning to green at the edges. Where the water spills over the edge there are colonies of bacteria growing and that's where the yellows and deep reds come from. All the while steam creates an ethereal effect from the heat of the water. We highly recommend a visit! Reply to this

27 months ago, July 25th 2017 No: 4 Msg: #201841  
In response to: Msg #201837 Thank you very much for the nomination. It was kind of you! Reply to this

27 months ago, July 25th 2017 No: 5 Msg: #201842  

27 months ago, July 28th 2017 No: 6 Msg: #201895  
Congratulations. Reply to this

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