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2017 TravelBlog Hall of Fame

Celebrate and be inspired by this year's inductees and recipients of TravelBlog's highest accolade
29 months ago, April 4th 2017 No: 1 Msg: #200433  
B Posts: 11.5K

Congratulations to our 2017 Hall of Fame Inductees!

Each year we welcome around 20 Bloggers to our Hall of Fame. It showcases some of the best writers, photographers and some of the most adventurous nomads, as nominated and chosen by our community.

Thank you for joining, sharing your journeys, for participating in our community!

If you’re visiting TravelBlog for the first time there’s no better place to start than The TravelBlog Hall of Fame - you’ll be inspired and amazed.

~ Ali - (Founder of TravelBlog.org) writing from Portland, Oregon

alex waring - Blogging to stay sane while he clocks up the passport stamps

Around the world eventually - They made it home.....eventually

Beebe - Retired teacher who's definitely not slowing down on the travel plans

Born to travel - Travel soulmates who left it all behind to backpack around the world

dsd_uk - In 2017 he will not be cycling from Tokyo to Tokyo

garrettnb - Travel tales from the high seas

golfkat - Golfing his way around six continents

Hem - Some stunning photos from Europe and the Americas

Jenni - Recently back from the Middle East, she's been here, there...nearly everywhere

kit_t - Entertaining stories about food, antics, taxi drivers and tour guides

MaryK - Not quite a traveller, more of a professional holiday maker

NickTheTrick - After gallivanting round South America, he took to Scandinavia by bike

Postcards - Anecdotes and images from all corners of the globe

RedPlanetClaire - Writing great stories, to comfort herself when she's old, cold and broke, wondering where all the money went...

RFillingham - Grabbed a voluntary redundancy offer and his passport, and took off on the adventure of a lifetime

SculforandJupp - Work, save, travel, repeat - truly bitten by the travel bug

In memory of Seamus - Dreamer, do-er, adventurer - and NGO Director

Totofore - Diver and explorer who sometimes takes side trips from the bucket list

Travelling Fraggles - Technology free travels through the Middle East, Asia and South America

zweiindians - Keen hiker and camper, who finally made it to his dream destination, the Himalayas

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29 months ago, April 5th 2017 No: 2 Msg: #200444  
Well, what a huge privilege. I thank you all kindly for your support over the years and it makes me happy to think that I’ve been able to entertain many a like minded folk that just so happen to have that exact same travel bug as myself! Again thank you, and well done to all the other inductees, long live travelblog.org!!! Reply to this

29 months ago, April 5th 2017 No: 3 Msg: #200447  
Wow! Thank you so much! Stoked! Travel Blog is such an inspiring place and it is amazing to know we've made a small contribution to that Reply to this

29 months ago, April 5th 2017 No: 4 Msg: #200448  
Amazeballs!! I'm so pleased to have been nominated. I love blogging for myself but it's always supersweet when other people enjoy them too abd makes it all the more worthwhile when I'm falling asleep at my ipad after a long day or being eaten alive by bugs in the jungle whilst looking for free wifi to upload the latest blog! Reply to this

29 months ago, April 5th 2017 No: 5 Msg: #200449  
Thank you for reading and enjoying my modest but thoughtful, I hope, travel blogs. Like many of you, we write not only for ourselves, but for many who cannot travel. We are the fortunate ones, and I hope we meet up on the road.
PS: My golfing days are minimal, now it is cycling across the countryside in places like Europe, SE Asia, Africa, and best of all, our wonderful USA. Reply to this

29 months ago, April 6th 2017 No: 6 Msg: #200459  
Congratulations to all the new Hall of Fame inductees! Great work and we look forward to reading more.

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29 months ago, April 6th 2017 No: 7 Msg: #200462  
B Posts: 24
Thanks for nominating me!
I haven't really traveled a lot compared to many bloggers on this site. But their blogging about their experiences instills an urge to explore the corners of this world. Reply to this

29 months ago, April 6th 2017 No: 8 Msg: #200465  
Congratulations to the new members of the Hall of Fame. Keep on traveling and blogging! Reply to this

29 months ago, April 6th 2017 No: 9 Msg: #200466  
B Posts: 11.5K
Warmest congratulations to you all, be proud of your acheivements.

Don't forget to check out the TB Facebook page, as we will be highlighting all our 2017 inductees in turn over the next few weeks.
https://www.facebook.com/travelblog.org/ Reply to this

29 months ago, April 6th 2017 No: 10 Msg: #200470  
Best wishes to all the new inductees! Hope to read some of your adventures. Reply to this

29 months ago, April 6th 2017 No: 11 Msg: #200474  
Congratulations new members of hall of Fame.

I look forward to have a look at your blogs.

Ake Reply to this

29 months ago, April 7th 2017 No: 12 Msg: #200481  
Congratulations to all the wonderful and inspiring travel bloggers who got this honor! Reply to this

29 months ago, April 7th 2017 No: 13 Msg: #200491  
Wow! Thank you so much for this - what an honour, and it is much appreciated indeed!

Thank you also for creating such an amazing Travel Blog site, it has been a most wonderful companion to me over the years, as a solo traveller 😊 I look forward to reading about the adventures of my fellow Hall of Famers! Reply to this

29 months ago, April 9th 2017 No: 14 Msg: #200505  
My congratulations to new indictees and I am happy 😊 to be here as a Blogger.Expecting more great blogs from around the world 🌎.
Keep travelling and blogging....
Good 😊 luck Reply to this

29 months ago, April 10th 2017 No: 15 Msg: #200523  
B Posts: 7
Wow...what an honor to be chosen for the Hall of Fame! What started out as way to communicate with my students during a sabbatical has become an integral part of my traveling. It's a way for me to reflect on my daily experiences in new places, and to document our adventures...Thanks so much, Ali, for creating this community! Reply to this

29 months ago, April 11th 2017 No: 16 Msg: #200533  
Wow thank you. We won't be blogging for a while as have hung up our backpacks for the time being, but will definitely be looking at these other blogs for inspiration for our next trip. Thanks again, Liz & Ross. Reply to this

29 months ago, April 11th 2017 No: 17 Msg: #200535  
In response to: Msg #200533

Liz and Ross, hopefully you will blog about your local areas as you are the expert and when we visit we want to know what to do in your area. Reply to this

29 months ago, April 12th 2017 No: 18 Msg: #200554  
Congrats to all the new members, well done! Reply to this

29 months ago, April 15th 2017 No: 19 Msg: #200596  
Congrats to the 2017 Hall of Fame inductees.

For those who missed out...keep blogging...keep dreaming...keep travelling.

You are all appreciated.

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28 months ago, May 16th 2017 No: 20 Msg: #200949  
Excited to be a part of this crowd. Some part of me is still shocked that it's not just my mom - on a good day - that follows along! Thanks for the encouragement. Reply to this

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