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Seven day base in central Donegal: seeking to possibly trim redundancy of coastal settings

We've put together a thorough Donegal return (after many years) week's run. However, at least 3 days seem quite long and, given the roads, could be excessively ambitious and repetitive. Trim and/or any other thoughts?
4 years ago, April 1st 2017 No: 1 Msg: #200387  
1) mid September Saturday: Leave Ballycastle, County Antrim 9/9 (parts of Inishowen100) Grinian of Aileach/ Buncrana/ Dunree/ Mamore Gap/ Doagh Famine Village/ Cardonagh/ Malin Head/ Moville/ Muff/ Arrive for week at Lough Errig, Donegal 294.5km/183miles 5 hrs+

From here all itinerary days(#s 2-7) departure begin and end in our Lough Errig self cater

2) LOUGH ERRIG Killybegs/ Kilcar/ Teelin /Carrick/ Slieve League /Malin Beg/ Glencolumbkille/ Glengesh Pass /Ardara for dinner only 141km 3hr2m

3) LOUGH ERRIG (Poisonea Lake and Glen) Doochary/ Glendowan (Glenveagh Nat. Park) / Gweedore/ Dunlewy (Errigal Mt.)/ Annagry/ Bunbeg/ Derybeg/ Bloody Foreland / Dunfanaghy/ Horn Head/ Creeslough Doe Cottage (We have National Heritage Passes) 194k 3h 45m

4) LOUGH ERRIG ~Note: We want a"HALFISH/SHORTER" day. As currently it's constructed: Burtonport /Dungloe / Portnoo/ Ardara revisit 112 km 2 hr 9 min -as currently constructed. If this gets too lengthy for a shorter day, besides Ardara, what changes/cut(s) first?

Or among (#2,#3,#4 days with an especially busy days #2 and #3, where to perhaps better fit (as in thin out and not overload) or- if better served- simply drop some from among places like Annagry/ Burtonport/ Dungloe/ Dunbeg ?

5) LOUGH ERRIG (Fanad Peninsula). Ramelton/ Rathmullan/ Portsalon/ Fanad Head/ Rosnakill/Milford 163 km 3hr 4min

6) LOUGH ERRIG LOCAL DAY Narin / Glenties/ Donegal Town, Castle & Craft Village/ possibly w or w/o Ardara 103 km 1 h 55 m

7) Free/local) day for relaxing, the Lake area and Ardara.

Note: Numbers 2-7 are in are in no particular order just yet. Weather will factor, especially with these two: (free/local and shorter) days

8) Departure for Connemara week next

Many thanks for your efforts and thoughts. I promise all will be much appreciated and studied thoroughly. Reply to this Reply to this

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