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Mongolia in December?

Originally part of Mongolia in December?
Wondering what experiences people have had in Mongolia in Dec/Jan
35 months ago, January 3rd 2017 No: 1 Msg: #199214  
Hi guys,

I've managed to get the following dates off work 8-12-17 to 8-01-18 and like the idea of Mongolia. Can anyone give me an idea of what is available to do during this time of year. I understand its going to be cold and that for me is kinda part of the challenge. I've done Thailand, Loas and recently Vietnam and really don't want to get caught up in the tourist traps although I accept this is inevitable to some extent. I've done a number of adventure sports and am considering maybe a mini expedition type trip, but as much as the wilderness excites me travelling alone with non english guides in circa -20°C seems unwise. Any help would be really appreciated. I'll be posting a similar thread for the Amazon as that's my plan B! Thanks in advance guys. Reply to this

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