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Turks and Caicos vacation in August

My husband and I are planning our destination wedding in 2 years which we had anticipated in doing since last year Aug. 14th when we got engaged. We found out that we were expecting in Sept. & so plans were held off until after the birth of our baby in Feb. we are now trying to buckle-down & have concrete plans so we can and out wedding invitations to all our family & friends so everyone has enough time to prepare and save to make this a blissful event! By the way, yes we got legally married prior to the birth of our daughter with a traditional marriage ceremony in my heritage that would've been part of our wedding anyways, but we just edited that part so we don't hv to include it in our actually wedding ceremony now. It also gave us an advantage to be married earlier & not at the civilly at the courthouse. We had my gd friend who is a judge officiate our surprise marriage at our baby shower...it was a surprise to all guests especially our parents, his siblings and all our friends.
36 months ago, September 4th 2016 No: 1 Msg: #197958  
I think it's best to use a travel agent since coincidentally an affiliate of mines told me that's how she booked her wedding at Turks and Caicos when she found out I was planning one at that location. She mentioned she reserved her stay at BEACHES, her guests were provided the travel agent's info where they can choose to book, she had her reception at a nearby restaurant, met the wedding planner the day of her arrival, etc...so my question is obviously I would like to do it in the most luxurious way but definitely on a budget since we hv 4 kids. Does anyone hv detailed info on the best way to plan a destination wedding at TCI, the best family friendly hotel, the best affordable restaurant/wedding venue, the best excursions, live band, flowers, car rental, flights, all inclusive package deals for myself and guests...everything related to planning a destination wedding/reception/honeymoon...planning on staying for at least 10 days. Need all the logistics spelled out. Thanks so much, need the HELP! Send me suggestions, experiences, facts, info, referrals, links, phone numbers, etc...I'll take the time to look into we hv 2 years to plan. Our budget ranges fr $5k-$12k Reply to this

32 months ago, December 26th 2016 No: 2 Msg: #199109  
The Turks and Caicos is a great location. It consist of several islands and each island has a different personality. You may want to do some reading to decide which island suites you the best. We went to one of the smaller, quiet islands. We are scuba divers and like small towns. The main islands has lots of fancy hotels and casinos and that did not interest us.

Most hotels will do the wedding arrangements for you or direct you to someone they work with.
All inclusive packages are generally higher cost but you won't have to do any of the planning.

Please keep in mind that August is still hurricane season so you may deal with some weather. You can never tell. Reply to this

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