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looking for travel mates trekking tour Tibet aug 2016!

Would like to do a hiking tour in august 2016, after I found 4-5 people many wonderful tours are waiting to be booked ;)
4 years ago, June 2nd 2016 No: 1 Msg: #196801  
My schedule is flexible. The most important thing for me is to experience nature und landscapes in Tibet. Nearly all pre-organised tours are just about going by car all day from one sightseeing spot to another, but Im more into nature and hiking. But therefore I need to have a group before booking. After I found more people, its very easy because the agency is arranging everything for us. One just need to have a chinese visa if coming from china (like me) and you have to go to Lhasa yourself, where every tour starts and ends.
So answer quickly if you are interested! Looking forward to your messages!

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