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2000 GMC Safari Camper Van – NYC Area / 3000US$

We sell our campervan in the New York City Area with camping stuff!
31 months ago, September 13th 2015 No: 1 Msg: #193043  

We sell this very reliable car that an be used as a camper van which is a great opportunity for a couple to go camping. Its possible to take out the bed and fold up the two backseats that are still inside to travel as a family and use the back for storage.
We traveled with this van from Costa Rica to the USA (Clear title, Californian licence until 12/15) and everything went well! We made twice a service at a GMC retailer, let the front shield change and the car is still running great!

We sell the van with a queen size bed, mattress pillows and two pairs of sheets/blanket. The windows are tinted black and we have insulation/dark curtains to cover by night. Additionally we have a cooking set in a big army case, a Coleman stove with pans and whatever you need to cook. A small cooler, storage crates, a tool box, a camping table and two camping chairs will be available too.

The car has traces of use.

We need to sale until the 25th of September.
Please mail for more pictures.

See listing:
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