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Rhine cruise

First time river cruise through Europe
3 years ago, August 26th 2015 No: 1 Msg: #192761  
N Posts: 2
My wife and I are looking to take a 7 day cruise in Europe, in March-April next year - and would like to know:

Who are the best cruise lines? We came across of this offer - <snip>Anyone experienced it?
Without going into a lot of detail we are 50 but I have health issues so travel is arduous on me. For this reason the only way we travel (which isn't often) is first class all the way.

Thanks in advance....
p.s. Do these boats have reasonably priced WiFi access, or should I buy a GSM-to-USB dongle for $30 and a local SIM?
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3 years ago, January 8th 2016 No: 2 Msg: #194806  
Hello Idemo,

I am german and life in the country for 40 years now.

I think the most interesting section of the rhine is the middle one between Cologne and Mainz because there you see many castles and the most famous spot of the river, the Lorelei rock. Also the remains of the Remagen bridge are worth mentionning.

If you get Wifi on you boat then take it because I think that GSM connection overland might sometimes not be very fast for internet.

I never did an overnight cruise on the rhine by myself so I can't recommend any company.

As interesting destinations near the rhine I would list Cologne, Bonn, Frankfurt, Mainz, Worms, Speyer and Heidelberg.

Of course when you are in Germany then Berlin, Munich, Dresden, Hamburg, Nuremberg and Neuschwanstein are other nice destinations as well. You can travel between the cities with the often high-speed super-modern ICE-trains or rent a car and drive as fast as you want on the wonderful highways (but be carefull: this can be several hours long and stressful). Of course there are inter-german flights available as well.

As for the language: in the last decades all german pupils should have had english as a foreign language but not all of them still speak it good. Still you should always find an english-speaker sooner or later.

You find many small trips in Germany on my profile but unfortunately none of them near the rhine and all of them in german language.

Have a nice trip,

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