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Any other resources for solo travelers?

Looking for sites that can inspire solos
4 years ago, March 1st 2015 No: 1 Msg: #189027  
D Posts: 5
I am looking for sites about traveling alone with tips etc - this is one the best ones that I have found solotravel.org that seems to have been around a while.

Any more sites on this topic? Reply to this

4 years ago, June 29th 2015 No: 2 Msg: #191683  
Hi there,

There are lots of great sites on solo travel. I myself have't traveled solo but I've done a few trips with one other person and the general rules about safety and such should still apply.
Also, I came across this piece that Flight Network put live last week. I thought it was really well done and could definitely help solo travelers.


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