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3 weeks in Korea

Trying to plan a route south to north
8 years ago, September 30th 2012 No: 1 Msg: #161603  

I have 3 weeks in Korea starting in a week or so. I am arriving into Busan and leaving from Seoul. I've booked a couple days accomodation in each so i have a start and an end. I basically have around 14/15 days to travel around.

I have been looking at a few places and the buses and trains seem pretty good so i can get anywhere pretty much.

Was just looking for a few ideas of what others have done or how they would spend the time.

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8 years ago, October 5th 2012 No: 2 Msg: #161736  
South Korea has a really good transport network, with the buses being much better value.

My favourite place was Hahoe Folk Village near Andong. Try an overnight village stay, but not on a weekend.

Gyeong-ju is worthy of a several days in order to see everything in the area, including the wonderful Bulguksa Temple. Haeinsa Temple is 90 minutes from Haeinsa, and it is lovely too, but more for the scenery than the Temple.

Seoraksan in the north-east of the country is gorgeous, and if you like hiking there is enough to keep you occupied for three days. Try to hike to Ulsan Bawi rock, the end of the hike is tough, but worth it. Again, try to avoid on a weekend.

Plenty to see in Seoul, a minimum of four nights there, maybe even more. If you want to visit the DMZ in order to peer into North Korea, book a day trip via the USO, but do so in advance, as some days are booked in advance.

PS: Have a look on my blogs from last year, they can all be found on page two of my blog list.

PPS: Sorry for the delay in responding, I've not been on Travelblog much the last few days.

[Edited: 2012 Oct 05 07:20 - The Travel Camel:11053 - Added PS and PPS]
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8 years ago, October 6th 2012 No: 3 Msg: #161766  
That is not a problem Shane, its very good advice and i shall defnitely have a look at your blogs before i get to Korea.

Would you recommend a temple stay at all or is that something you have not done. Was thinking of doing one near Daegu. Reply to this

8 years ago, October 6th 2012 No: 4 Msg: #161767  
My friend stayed at the temple in Haeinsa (Daegu) and really enjoyed it - she rated it as one of her top three highlights during her time in South Korea. However, she said her knees took a pounding from completing the 108 prayer bows after a 3am start!

I've just spoken to her on the phone, and she passed on the recommendation of Juwangsan - different landscape to Seoraksan, but still beautiful.

I'd recommend that you contact the Temple early, as it may take time to obtain a response. My friend never received a response to her enquiry, so just turned up saying that an email booking was sent (though they didn't have any record on arrival).

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8 years ago, October 7th 2012 No: 5 Msg: #161791  
Sounds like i better get sending a few emails about then. I have heard of Haeinsa so that sounds like the reasonable option, plus i'll be in Daegu at some point anyway.

Juwangsan i've not heard of so will have to research that but getting out into the landscape for a few days is needed.

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