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China Visa in Hong Kong - latest rules?

Just wanted to get the latest on getting a Chinese tourist visa in HK...
9 years ago, August 27th 2012 No: 1 Msg: #160393  
Hi all,

We will be in Hong Kong in 6 weeks time and had been planning on getting our single entry tourist visa's for China there before entering China.

We wanted to do it this way mainly because it seems to save a lot of hassle rather than applying in the UK through the embassy, as we don't have proof of inbound & outbound flights (entering & leaving overland) or hotel reservations which seem to be required. However i just read online that now (from August 2012) even if you apply in HK for the visa, you have to show these, which wasn't the case before. I also read that you can't even apply in HK anymore unless you are a resident there, so I'm not sure what the current situation is now..

Has anyone got any more info on this or has anyone applied for a China visa very recently in HK and been successful? What documents did you need to show and did you do it directly with the embassy there or go through an agency?

Thanks in advance for your help! Reply to this

9 years ago, August 28th 2012 No: 2 Msg: #160398  
This is what I heard:

With the imminent change in leadership in China in October, the Chinese government is tightening up the visa application process. Effective immediately, all applicants will require additional documentation as follows:


1. An Invitation Letter from the Sponsoring Company in China
o Must be on the company letterhead in China
o Must include the following information:
a) Personal information of the invitee: name, gender, date of birth, passport number, and date of passport's expiration
b) Information concerning the invitee's visit to China: purpose of the visit, date of entry and exit, places to visit, relationship between the applicant and the inviter, and who will be financially responsible for the applicant
c) Information of the inviter: name of the inviter, inviter's phone number, inviter's address, and seal and signature of the legal representative in China
o A copy by email or fax is acceptable
o Must be signed and sealed by an authorized person

2. A copy of the official business license of the inviting entity


One of the following documents is required:

1. Photocopy of the Hotel Reservation and Roundtrip Airline Ticket/Travel Itinerary

2. An Invitation Letter issued by companies, corporations, institutions and individuals in China. If an individual issues the invitation letter, a photocopy of the ID of the individual must also be submitted.

3. An Invitation Letter for a Tourist by a Duly Authorized Tourism Unit Reply to this

9 years ago, August 29th 2012 No: 3 Msg: #160431  
This is the sort of tightening they undertook just prior to the 2008 Olympics, it made travel a real pain. Reply to this

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