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What is the most amazing place to go on in the whole planet?
5 years ago, December 24th 2013 No: 41 Msg: #178214  
The most amazing place that I have been to and will be in my opinion VERY difficult to top was the Amazon rainforest! Reply to this

5 years ago, January 7th 2014 No: 42 Msg: #178479  
This is such a challenging question for me because I have seen some beautiful things, and have a ton of things I would like to see yet. I have seen so many places on television and discovery type channels that I would love to visit that it would be hard to pick any particular one place. I think it would really depend on exactly what you wanted to experience. Some places have amazing man made things to see while others offer a natural beauty. Add to this the fact that every country has something of immense beauty to experience and the ability to choose becomes that much more challenging. Reply to this

5 years ago, April 8th 2014 No: 43 Msg: #180451  
South Africa is an amazing place to visit, especially for photo safari! I would recommend going to the Kruger Park or private reserves on the border of the Kruger for photo safari in South Africa. It is truly an amazing experience to be only a few feet away from these beautiful animals and you have a big chance on seeing the big five!

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5 years ago, May 15th 2014 No: 44 Msg: #181606  
In response to: Msg #160139

You can go to kenya for safari tour.It is a very beautiful country.I also love its natural beauty as well as wild life.I also visited kenya last month.It was a 4 day and 3 night trip.I booked it from exoticdestinations.. Reply to this

5 years ago, May 16th 2014 No: 45 Msg: #181639  
Hi from Greece! Of course for me Greece is an amazing country! Great history, great monuments and grate nature! But i also love Italy, Austria, Chezh Republic, France and Turkey. I travel often to these countries. in the future i want to visit Japan, Alaska, Egypt and USA Reply to this

5 years ago, May 30th 2014 No: 46 Msg: #182125  
You are right dear! Greece is an attractive country in Southern Europe and offers great historical, cultural and natural attractions. I think Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and a magnet for anyone who wants to enjoy the great outdoors and. I went there last year with my cousin and found it really a fantastic destination. Parthenon, Acropolis, Santorini, Meteora, Mount Athos, Mystras, Lindos and Samaria Gorge are amazing tourist attractions there. Next I am going to to visit a natural wonder (Niagara Falls). Reply to this

4 years ago, October 31st 2014 No: 47 Msg: #186543  
There are lots of amazing countries.

A few hints: Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Thailand, Singapore, Spain, Australia, India, Japan... Reply to this

4 years ago, November 12th 2014 No: 48 Msg: #186773  
The most unique & remote place I've been to is Truk Lagoon (Chuuk) in Micronesia. Some of the islands don't have roads. Tourism is the biggest source of income like most countries however it only has an average of 100 tourists A WEEK! It's a scuba divers heaven. Reply to this

4 years ago, November 18th 2014 No: 49 Msg: #186889  
N Posts: 1
Maybe Mexico, in the riviera maya mexico you can find beaches like few in the world, mexico is beautiful country with people friendly, you can visit cancun and from there visit another places near, like from example chichen-itza.

In mexico you can find more beatiful places like for example:
- Merida.
- Cancun.
- Tulum.
- Cabo san lucas.
- Chichen Itza.
- Puerto Vallarta.
- Playa del carmen.

If you wanna go with your couple and youre looking for a resort with beaches clothing optional, Desire Riviera Maya is a good option.

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4 years ago, November 25th 2014 No: 50 Msg: #187027  
The top of the top?

Hmm... it's a bit hard to pick. Depends on what you'd be impressed of, certainly.

I'd count in the following to the nominees: Bora Bora, Antarctica, Machu Picchu, Bhagan, Rio de Janeiro, the Halong Bay, ... and the list could go on with dozens more. Reply to this

4 years ago, November 26th 2014 No: 51 Msg: #187072  
I have not read any of the replies but the "best place to go" is Mount Bromo in Indonesia- just for one morning sunrise.
The best building to see is the Taj Mahal. The best place to spend time in on an island in the Maldives. The best city is New York. Reply to this

4 years ago, December 16th 2014 No: 52 Msg: #187471  
N Posts: 2
If you find different culture then you should go to India because India is the one of the world's most engaging, colorful, chaotic, spiritual and life-affirming countries. Reply to this

4 years ago, December 21st 2014 No: 53 Msg: #187593  
Thailand has it all; Busy cities, Nightlife, Culture, Perfect beaches and the people are so friendly. The traveling infrastructure has been going for so long it's easy to go there without a plan and not run into many problems. Reply to this

4 years ago, January 28th 2015 No: 54 Msg: #188298  
There are lots amazing place to visit around the world. But your tour doesn't complete without visiting in India. Visit India to see how very diversified cultural, linguistic and geographical difference not able to break their calmness and positive attitude toward the society. Visit India for see how largest democracy work. Visit India for feel Peace and spiritual power. We all believe in "Vashudev Kutumbkam" Means Whole world become one family. Come here and see various type of flora and fauna. Reply to this

4 years ago, February 7th 2015 No: 55 Msg: #188479  
The Philippines. Went there two years ago and I'm planning to revisit this year. It never runs out of places to go. I particularly liked Palawan. Those Coron Islands.. Just wow! Reply to this

4 years ago, March 1st 2015 No: 56 Msg: #189033  
B Posts: 54
Very difficult question to answer, but if I have to tell somewhere 2 places they must go -
Iceland for its beauty
Bolivia / Ecuador for varied landscape, hidden gems and culture Reply to this

4 years ago, March 2nd 2015 No: 57 Msg: #189042  
I think any of the major cities in Europe would make a great first trip... Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome, Venice, Barcelona.

But if you have the time and the money a longer distance trip could be do-able. New Zealand? Australia? Mexico?

Places like Asia, South America, India, Indonesia, are all fascinating but I would probably save those until you have a bit more experience under your belt.

What are your plans for now? Would love to hear from you. Reply to this

3 years ago, February 24th 2016 No: 58 Msg: #195449  
My amazing place Cinque Terre, Rio Maggiore, Italy Reply to this

3 years ago, February 26th 2016 No: 59 Msg: #195477  
D Posts: 2
I would love to check out the Iskut River hot springs in BC. I LOVE wild hot springs. Reply to this

3 years ago, February 29th 2016 No: 60 Msg: #195513  
N Posts: 32
If you are looking for a stunning try searching in eastern Indonesia, there are many beautiful places like paradise. Flores, Sumba, Maluku, Raja Ampat and Sulawesi could be your choice for a vacation. Reply to this

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