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Banaue rice terraces

Some info and tip about Banaue and other rice terraces
3 years ago, July 15th 2012 No: 1 Msg: #158814  
Rice terraces are common throughout Asia but nowhere are they as spectacular as in the rugged mountains in northern Luzon. - Robert Gardner

There are dozens of rice terraces in Cordillera region and five of those were inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage sites… Mayoyao , Hungduan, Nagacadan, Batad and Bangaan. The last 2 cluster of rice terraces are located in Banaue.

Here’s a link regarding the places, transport, lodging, restaurants, things to do, tourist traps and warnings tips.


Since you’re going to make an effort of going to Banaue, you might as well get the best out of the Cordillera region. I have met some tourists in Banaue that did not know about the other amazing places. It is a pity if you miss out Sagada and the Halsema highway of the Mountain Provinces. A loop of Ifugao and Mountain Province is highly recommended.

Best itinerary would be Manila - Banaue – Sagada –Baguio – Manila. You can add Mt. Pinatubo in between Baguio and Manila so you can have the best part of the northern Luzon. 4 to 5days would suffice but 6 days is more on a leisure pace. Reply to this

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