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What are the adventures places to explore in Singapore?

Are there any adventures places in Singapore to have lots of fun and adventure?
5 years ago, June 1st 2012 No: 1 Msg: #157046  
Hi all,
I love traveling and exploring adventures places of the world. I was wondering are there any beautiful and thrilling places in Singapore. Please share the information with me... Reply to this

5 years ago, June 3rd 2012 No: 2 Msg: #157145  
Hello Mark and welcome to travel blog.

What is adventurous to one person may not be to another so this is a difficult question to answer.

We've only traveled to Singapore once so I am hoping that others who have spent more time there will assist in providing you an answer.

We enjoyed our time in Singapore and would go again. I can't say I found it an adventurous location. .... They do have a red light district that was interesting. That may fit into the definition.

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5 years ago, June 6th 2012 No: 3 Msg: #157259  
Well Im not interested in such adventures (red light). Yes definition of adventure differs person by person. Though if anybody has traveled long in SG and might have found some best places that i would like to visit. Reply to this

5 years ago, June 6th 2012 No: 4 Msg: #157275  

In response to: Msg #157259

Hello Mark,

My apologizes. I was not suggesting you utilize the red light district. It is sort of a tourist stop on one of the bus tours. It is an interesting and lively part of town. Again, I apologize.
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5 years ago, June 6th 2012 No: 5 Msg: #157284  
Hi, not sure of your definition of adventure but Sentosa Island which is a 10 min cab ride from the city is sort of an extreme sports type location. They have a luge, a flycable, an inhouse skydiving facility, scuba diving with sharks and Universal Studios. So not quite the adventure of trekking up a volcano but heaps of man made adventures and definitly worth 48 hours of fun! Reply to this

5 years ago, June 7th 2012 No: 6 Msg: #157335  
I agree with the suggestion of Sentosa Island for adventure. They are "Be A Falconer" classes at Jurong Bird Park, so letting one of those birds land on your arm is very exciting - well it certainly was for me!

For "beautiful" I would rank the Marina Bay area as the best near to sunset and just afterwards. There are nightly sound, light and water shows (2 or 3 per evening) outside of the Marina Bay Sands complex. Well worth seeing, especially since it is free.

[Edited: 2012 Jun 07 09:49 - The Travel Camel:11053 - Added photo]
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5 years ago, June 14th 2012 No: 7 Msg: #157609  
No need to apologize i'm not offended by any comment.
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5 years ago, June 14th 2012 No: 8 Msg: #157610  
Thanks for the suggestions 😊 I will visit to those places soon as im sooooo excited Reply to this

5 years ago, June 14th 2012 No: 9 Msg: #157611  
You should be excited! Singapore is a great city to visit and it has truly wonderful food. I usually stop and visit there on stopovers from or to Australia. Reply to this

5 years ago, June 14th 2012 No: 10 Msg: #157614  
The singpore day and night zoo is pretty impressive too...not sure how adventurous it is but when an orangatang escaped right beside us and was standing look at me from 2 metres away i certainly felt pretty adventurous lol! Reply to this

5 years ago, June 18th 2012 No: 11 Msg: #157763  
Yes,In Singapore you can enjoy the following cities:

1.BorderX:-It is the crossing border of Singapore is a tallest indoor wall climbing facility in Singapore, with the world’s tallest Via Ferrata.
2. SK1360:- You,people of any age are bound to have fun at SK1360 which is a Singapore first cable ski park.
3. Extreme Singapore:- Extreme sports enthusiasts can get their adrenaline fix through a multitude of high-energy sports here.
4.GX-5 Xtreme Swing:-Satisfy your fleeting adrenaline pangs from rapid flying and free fall thrills and have a uniquely radical take on a fun night out in the city .
5. iFly:- iFly on Sentosa is the world’s largest indoor skydiving simulator for anyone between seven to 106 years old.
6.Marina Wakeboarding Hub:- The Marina Boardwalk, located at the Marina Country Club, is host to Singapore’s largest wakeboarding hub.
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