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Panama's Casco Viejo- Historic Site, But Dengue Lurks

Visit Casco Viejo and take a chance with getting dengue fever.
3 years ago, April 18th 2012 No: 1 Msg: #154928  
Casco Viejo, a much publicized tourist destination in Panama City, is a dengue breeding ground. I personally know ex-pats that bought property there, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars creating their Casco space, and now have to worry about getting dengue, again. They have already had it at least once.

And now our 3 and 5 year old grandchildren from NYC, who just visited us in “paradise” with their parents, spent their first night in Panama in a rental apartment overlooking the bay in Casco. They showed up on our doorstep here in Bocas with mosquito bites on the face after sleeping one night in Casco Viejo.

And guess what----these 2 children are both going back to the Big Apple with a case of dengue. It was diagnosed at Punta Pacifica Hospital a couple of days ago. Incubation time and symptoms point directly at getting dengue from the mosquito bites they got while staying 1 night in Casco Viejo.

Consider this: Panama is famous for being the country where a cure for yellow fever was developed (William Gorgas) due to the problems it was causing in the building of the canal. I guess that is the only time that governments really get involved---when a problem causes financial difficulties for the government.

And consider this: The Presidential Palace is located in Casco. From what I can determine, the President and his family live there. The Executive Branch of the government is officed there. Evidently the government is treating the problem in the neighborhood of the Presidential Palace. But evidently nobody cares about the other neighborhoods in CV.

So let’s get the word out about the dengue problem in Casco Viejo. You visit Casco Viejo, you can get dengue. Hopefully, if word gets out the tourist trade will diminish, thus diminishing dollars. Then the government might do something to get rid of the mosquitoes and the polluted environment that is actually causing the problem.

Personally, I can never recommend again for any of my acquaintances to visit one of the most historic sites in Panama. Dengue makes it NOT worth the effort—NO vale la pena.

And if you know anything about dengue fever, there is a lot of pain. In the West Indies it is called
"break-bone fever" because you feel like your bones are broken. Reply to this

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