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Re Sumatra Quakes

cant post reply to topic so posting here
3 years ago, April 12th 2012 No: 1 Msg: #154555  
B Posts: 882
Hi Travelbloggers - yes, guess what - I took my mum to two earthquakes! We are on Cudabak island at the moment not far from the epicenter of the quakes - geomorphically speaking that is. The first quake occurred while I was diving (second time this year I have been underwater during quakes lol) so we felt nothing. Got in and found mum and the resort staff and ten other guests crowded out on the pier, I thought they were there to welcome us! Mum had been lying on the sun lounge and felt the shaking, stood up and lifted the sun lounge to check if animals were underneath it making it move (mating pangolins perhaps?) found nothing so lay down again to enjoy a minute or so more shaking. Resort manageress came and told her it was a quake so everyone moved to the pier which has withstood many 7+ quakes to wait for Marco and I to return and put some distance between themselves and the rock massif behind the resort. My words when told we had just missed the quake were...oh you\'re shitting me! As a geomorphologist I was a bit disappointed to have missed the first. My father and Giant were in panic mode and dear sister were in hysterics due to news coverage and phones were going ballistic. Just as I sat down to ring the kids the second quake hit so we swayed back and forth for a few minutes (mum is saying the second one lasted longer and was more intense) with everyone sitting silently waiting for it to end. the plate movement was horizontal hence no tsunami and as far as we have heard no damage. The irony of having said to my students that I expected a quake on the sundra arc around this time was not lost on me. On the upside, mum is now a truly intrepid traveller and we are having a great time. Will leave island tomorrow and have a hopefully entertaining blog for you all soon! Reply to this

3 years ago, April 12th 2012 No: 2 Msg: #154558  

...mum is now a truly intrepid traveller...

That's for sure!

Yesterday, I was reading about the quakes on the news, and glad they didnt happen while I was in Sumatra. Looks like you have survived them though, and are alive and well enough to tell the story.

Will leave island tomorrow and have a hopefully entertaining blog for you all soon!

I hope you dont have too much trouble getting off the island. I even had trouble with that, and there was no recent natural disaster to excuse it.
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Greetings to your Mama! 😊

[Edited: 2012 Apr 12 14:06 - Mell:49612 ]
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3 years ago, April 12th 2012 No: 3 Msg: #154559  
I'm glad you are okay, and I am especially glad that your mum is cool about the experience and that you were on land to experience the more intense aftershock! Reply to this

3 years ago, April 12th 2012 No: 4 Msg: #154560  
I'm glad you're safe Cindy - we felt the tremors 600 miles away in KL - must have been much more intense where you were!
[Edited: 2012 Apr 12 14:58 - Ali:1 ]
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3 years ago, April 18th 2012 No: 5 Msg: #154931  
Here is the blog Cindy made about the earthquake.
Journeys and Destinations Cubadak Island

Marco my dive guide was playing with an octopus and I had my head inside a barrel sponge looking at a cute shrimp when the 8.6 quake hit.

And we didnt feel a thing.

Your mother must have been worried sick, waiting for you to come back after the first quake. Reply to this

3 years ago, April 19th 2012 No: 6 Msg: #154952  
B Posts: 882
Actually Mell Part 2 of the blog which I shall finish tonight has the answer to that :-)

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