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Simple Vietnamese words for foreign travelers

Do you have visited Vietnam?
3 years ago, March 2nd 2012 No: 1 Msg: #152681  
Chào. (jow)
Hello. (on the phone)
Á-lô. (AH-loh)
How are you? (Are you healthy?)
Khỏe không? (kweah kohng?)
Fine, thank you. (I am healthy, thank you.)
Khoẻ, cảm ơn. (kweah, gam uhhn)
What is your name? (formal, to a man (forties or older, depending on the sensitivity of the person you address))
Ông tên là gì? (ohng theyn la yi)
What is your name? (formal, to a woman (forties or older, depending on the sensitivity of the person you address))
Bà tên là gì? (ba theyn la yi)
What is your name? (informal, to a male who is not quite middle-aged AND/OR is not significantly older than you)
Anh tên là gì? (ayng theyn la yi) Anh is an umbrella term for any older male figure. It's literal meaning is "older brother".
What is your name? (informal and also flattering, to a female who is not quite middle-aged AND not significantly older than you)
Cô tên là gì? (goh theyn la yi) There is a distinction between this and the last phrase, because in Vietnamese culture, one generally assumes that a woman, regardless of whether she looks middle-aged or not, is either not yet married, or does not yet have children, or is younger than she looks. Using "Cô" instead of "Bà" implies that you are giving her the benefit of your lack of knowledge about her. Thus, if she feels the need, she will (as a result of your flattery and politeness) correct you to use the mature "Bà" or the gender-disregarding term for an adult who is anywhere in their late thirties to fifties, "Bac" which is equivalent to "Sir" or "Madam". Some men and women prefer to be addressed as the polite and age-ambiguous "Bac" indefinitely, until they feel it is appropriate to be addressed in more mature terms.
My name is ______ .
Tôi tên là ______ . (Thoye theyn la _____ .)
Làm ơn. (lam uhhn)
Thank you.
Cảm ơn. (gam uhhn)
You're welcome.
Không sao đâu. (kohng sao doh)
Vâng (affirmative). (vuhng); Dạ (affirmative, respectful) (ya'a) ; Đúng (correct) (duhn)
Không. (kohng)
I'm sorry.
Xin lỗi. (seen loh'EE)
Chào. (jow), Tambiet
I can't speak Vietnamese .
Tôi không biết nói tiếng Việt . (thoy kohng bee-IT noh-Y thee-IHNG vee'it )
Do you speak English?
Biết nói tiếng Anh không? (bee-IT noh-Y thee-IHNG ayng kohng)
Is there someone here who speaks English?
Có ai đây biết nói tiếng Anh không? (GAW ai dey bee-IT noh-Y thee-IHNG ayng kohng)
Cứu (tôi) với! (gih-OO (thoy) vuh-y!) Thoi cang nguoi giup toi.
Look out!
Cẩn thận! (guhn tuh'n!)
I don't understand.
Tôi không hiểu. (thoy kohng hee-oh)
Where is the toilet?
Cầu tiêu ở đâu? (goh thee-oh uh duh-oh) (this phrase may be considered impolite)
Be back soon
Sẽ quay lại sớm (...)
Leave me alone.
Đừng làm phiền tôi. (DUHung LAHm fien Thoy) (beware that "Thoi" with a fat and long sounding "T" translates to "enough!" in standard Vietnamese)
Don't touch me!
Đừng đụng tôi! (DUHung DUHooung Thoy)
I'll call the police.
Tôi sẽ gọi cảnh sát./Tôi sẽ gọi công an. (Thoy seEh GAWoy Kanh Sat/ Thoy seEH GAWoy Kong aanh)
Công an!/Cảnh sát! (Kong aanh!/Kanh Sat)
Stop! Thief!
Ngừng lại! Ăn trộm! (GNoong LAai! Anh Chom!)
I need your help.
Cần (second person pronoun) giúp cho tôi. (Khan yip CHo Thoy)
It's an emergency.
Việc này khẩn cấp. (VAHech nuhay Khan gup)
I'm lost.
Tôi bị lạc. (Thoi bee lack)
I lost my bag.
Tôi bị mất cái giỏ. (Thoi bee mUHtt kai yah)
I lost my wallet.
Tôi bị mất cái ví. (Thoi bee mUHtt kai veee)
I'm sick.
Tôi bị bệnh. (Thoi bee binh)
I've been injured.
Tôi đã bị thương. (Thoi DAH bee Tahuung)
I need a doctor.
Tôi cần một bác sĩ. (Thoi Khan moat back see)
Can I use your phone?
Tôi dùng điện thoại của (second person pronoun) được không?
For more Vietnamese word, please visit: <url>
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3 years ago, March 2nd 2012 No: 2 Msg: #152697  
Troi oi! Toi hoan toan bi boi roi :P

You forgot the most important Vietnamese phrase of all.....

Bao nhieu tien cho mot tieng? Hee hee hee :D
[Edited: 2012 Mar 02 15:31 - Cockle:46288 ]
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3 years ago, March 5th 2012 No: 3 Msg: #152807  
hello Cockle!
do you speak Vietnames? Reply to this

3 years ago, March 6th 2012 No: 4 Msg: #152828  
Xin loi! Anh noi tieng anh 😉 Reply to this

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