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Travelblog coincidencies

Have you ever bumped into one of your Travelblog fans?
11 years ago, February 25th 2012 No: 1 Msg: #152372  
We were out hiking in the wilds of Andelucia (Southern Spain) a few days back when we chanced to meet a friendly couple. It seems we mentioned Travelblog whilst chatting - and our nickname, the Grey-haired-nomads. We have just received the following message:

Dear David & Janice, We were delighted to have met you briefly last Friday (17th) at the end of the trail to the caldera from Las Presillas Bajas. You both have a marvelously relaxed air about you and seem to meet triumph and disaster just the same. We've been inspired by your story and have been reading parts of your blog for several years as a great source of ideas and information. I only regret that when you mentioned your blog on Friday I didn't follow your lead and missed the opportunity. It was thinking about the bits of information you mentioned that I put it together and guessed it was you. Just been onto your blog again (it's in my favourites) and there you both are! We'll be keeping a closer watch on you from now on. Thanks for sharing your time with us and for sharing your stories in this blog. All the very best for the future. Neil & Anne.

Have any other Travelbloggers had similar wonderful experiences?
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11 years ago, February 25th 2012 No: 2 Msg: #152375  
B Posts: 11.5K
What a great story. Unfortunately, the answer to your question is 'no' - at least not knowingly! Reply to this

11 years ago, February 25th 2012 No: 3 Msg: #152380  

I've met fellow travel bloggers but it has been intentional, not accidental.

Loved the story. How cool.

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11 years ago, February 25th 2012 No: 4 Msg: #152381  
Shared car hire to travel around Mongolia with a British couple. One of them turned out to be Travel blogger Boristhegreat who'd read some of my blogs previously Reply to this

11 years ago, February 26th 2012 No: 5 Msg: #152399  
Once when we were in Hong Kong we were coming down the escalator in a shopping centre and saw a woman at the bottom of the escalator looking at us and waving. It turns out it was Sarah from Mike and Sarah (their blog is currently private so I can't get the code). It was the most bizarre meeting and completely random that Sarah recognised us!

The other, more indirect, coincidence was that our best friends were in Nepal in a queue at the Indian embassy. They were chatting to a couple in front of them and said they were meeting us in India and told them how long we had been away etc. The couple our friends were chatting to turned out to be Bob and Vik of Occasionally Bob! Reply to this

11 years ago, February 26th 2012 No: 6 Msg: #152401  
Love you story Donna and Neil, Mike and Sarah couldn't believe it when they told me the story....

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11 years ago, February 26th 2012 No: 7 Msg: #152406  
One of my more bizarre incidents in this field was in China, where in a hostel I was talking to a fellow dorm mate and I told him about how I made my money. He than asked me if I by any chance was known as His Dudeness and wrote travelblogs, because the story of how I make my money sounded very much like the way His Dudeness made his money. Turns out he had found my blog via another blog site, a gay couple I met in Sri Lanka who are also travelling the world for years on end and who put a story about my way of making money on their site with a link to mine.

And then the most funny part, he wanted to be on a photo with me. So here we were in the lounge area of the hostel and this guy is treating me like some kind of a star or so. I could see everybody else looking at me and wondering who the hell I was, if I was somebody famous and if they should know me. I just had to laugh.

Apart from this I have met a few other people who knew about my blog, and I have randomly met some fellow travel bloggers along the road who knew my writings and sometimes I knew theirs. Most of my initial recommendation of fellow travel bloggers are those who I met on the road.

Also because of the rather unorthodox way I make my money, I have had a few incidents that people knew about me through others who have met me. Not via a blog, but just from stories. This is also a bit strange, when you talk to somebody and they say they actually have heard of you before from some other people. Sometimes I don't even know the other people they mention who told about me!? Word goes around.

Oh and totally unrelated, I once also had an travel anecdote out of my life and which is not on any blog, retold to me by another traveller, who was telling me about this guy he had met who had this great anecdote. And whoever that guy was it was not me! And i didn't know the guy either, so how my story came to this person I don't know, but even weirder that he than goes on and tells it as his own travel anecdote. It is very strange when you hear a part of your own experiences retold by a random person as the story of another traveller.

So there you have it, both travel blog related and unrelated experiences of this sort. Reply to this

11 years ago, February 26th 2012 No: 8 Msg: #152419  

I love these stories!
What we have found when we have hooked up with fellow travel bloggers is that we enjoy their company immensely and have plenty to discuss. Travel blog draws a nice cross section of people. Reply to this

11 years ago, February 27th 2012 No: 9 Msg: #152458  
Awesome stories, I always wonder when I'm on a trip if I'll recognise anyone from TB but have never thought it possible the other way around but I suppose anything is possible.

I've got to say, I love our online travel community.

😱 Reply to this

11 years ago, February 27th 2012 No: 10 Msg: #152459  
We saw Michael, Faye and the boys in a hotel in Thailand. I'd been reading their blogs so recognised them. We were running to a hospital appointment and so didn't have time to say hello, but emailed them later to check it was them.

We have some of the only information on the net about living in Haiphong, Vietnam, and a lot of potential expats read it apparently. We regularly chat to friends up there, to find they've met someone recently who's read it. Reply to this

11 years ago, February 27th 2012 No: 11 Msg: #152460  
3 years in travelblog and i've never met one travelblogger (charlz1838 doesn't count because he's my colleague.hehe), i really enjoyed these stories.

couldn't agree more with chris and Nikki, I love this travel community 😊 Reply to this

11 years ago, February 27th 2012 No: 12 Msg: #152465  
Guys...if you want to "bump" in other TB members, try to get to Kuala Lumpur on the 8th of April...a lot of them will be in a pool all day long on Sunday....and if you don't find them in the pool, it's because they will be with other TB members around the world on skype...we are speaking of San Francisco, Sydney, hopefully London too! Reply to this

11 years ago, February 27th 2012 No: 13 Msg: #152477  
Wonderful stories and yet more proof that the Travelblog community continues to grow - as the world gets smaller!
David Reply to this

11 years ago, February 27th 2012 No: 14 Msg: #152478  
If anyone is planning a London get together on that date we will most definitely be there. Reply to this

11 years ago, February 27th 2012 No: 15 Msg: #152482  
Chris & Nikki--

You can still consider the one in San Francisco!

Everyone is welcome on April 7th.

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11 years ago, February 27th 2012 No: 16 Msg: #152493  
B Posts: 11.5K
In response to: Msg #152478

Hi Chris & Nikki,

JonathanCampion is the Europe/London contact for 10th birthday event(s). Not sure what date he has in mind, but get in touch with him.

Looking ahead to TravelBlog's 10th anniversary - Europe
[Edited: 2012 Feb 27 18:55 - Jo Trouble:16935 ]
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11 years ago, February 28th 2012 No: 17 Msg: #152514  
Deni & Dax, Chris and Nikki and Jon....that would be a picture!!! Reply to this

11 years ago, February 28th 2012 No: 18 Msg: #152543  
B Posts: 104
I haven't been on here in seriously ages and prompted by a very lovely dinner with Ali last night in HKG made me think I would reconnect with our beloved blog over lunch hour......low and behold this thread is on here about random meetings!!!!!

haha, Yes Donna, I do remember seeing you both in ICC mall on route to one of my meetings I was typically running late for. So funny & shows how small Travelblog makes the world!

Really should get my finger out and put some new posts on here, though having just made a quick list (and not forgetting they would of course have to be in chronological order) I need to do 17 blogs to be up to date! eek.

Glad to see some familiar links to happy travelling!

Sarah x

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11 years ago, March 2nd 2012 No: 19 Msg: #152679  
B Posts: 151
Amazing stories .

Just bumped into fellow travelblogger Shane (The Travel Camel) this morning on my way to our office here in Brisbane.

I hesitated calling out to him at first because I'm not 100%!s(MISSING)ure if it's him. But his eye-catching Khaki outfit gave him away ! 😊

Anyway, it's so nice to see Shane again. It's been 2 years since our first Travelblog get together with Jo Trouble .

Hope to catch up with you guys again someday (whether accidentally or intentionally). Cheers ! 😄
[Edited: 2012 Mar 02 06:42 - josworld:15287 ]
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11 years ago, March 2nd 2012 No: 20 Msg: #152683  
B Posts: 11.5K
Hi Jo,

Lovely to see you here again!

If you're up for celebrating TB's 10th birthday in Brisbane, get in touch with Shane :-) Reply to this

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