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My 3 Week Europe Travel---plz advise

Europe Travel for 3 weeks, which countries to touch
3 years ago, January 28th 2012 No: 1 Msg: #151102  
hi all,
Its my first question to this forum as i just joined.
I am planning a 3 weeks trip to europe in May 2012 accompanied by my wife and 18 months old son.
I plan the follwoing:-

Fly to Milan and spend 3 days....
then by rail to Berne or Interlaken....4 days there
then by rail to Volklingen ..5 days there is my sister (A MUST STOP)
then by rail to luxembourg....2 nights
then by rail to brussels ....2 nights
then by rail to amsterdam...3 nights
then fly back to home....
my question is that Volklingen germnay is a must stop, rest can be chnaged, plz advise. Reply to this

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