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Happy 2007!

Happy New Year to Everyone. Any new years resolutions to share?
12 years ago, January 1st 2007 No: 1 Msg: #9556  
B Posts: 5,187
I hope your new year was fun and 2007 brings everyone happiness.

Does anyone have any new years resolutions to share?

I make three every year...

This year:

No alcohol, coffee or meat for January (except will eat meat in order not to offend a host)
Visit 5 new countries.

And something else.. usually a challenging time-consuming goal - not sure what it will be this year. Reply to this

12 years ago, January 1st 2007 No: 2 Msg: #9557  
Happy New Year to all.

2006 was not the best year and I'm going to try my hardest to make 2007 much, much better!

I started immediately by doing something completely new on the stroke of midnight. I rang in the New Year on our bells in church. This sounds odd as I'm not a church goer (I'm quite happy to be an agnostic - I truly don't care one way or another) but I do ring bells and it's great fun. It felt really good to bong those huge bells amongst friends and family. Long live camponology ( and I do believe I'm the only Finnish camponologist in the world - please correct me if I'm wrong.)

New Years Resolutions are:

1. To be a much better and more reliable friend, wife and mother (in that order, as I think I'm probably quite a good mum.)

2. To sort out my working life.

3. And this is the big one: To write a book!

And of course the compulsary one...loose all the extra weight put on by the Christmas choccies.

Love to all,
Tess Quinn, 'quinnthefinn' Reply to this

12 years ago, January 1st 2007 No: 3 Msg: #9558  
Happy New Year!

Resolutions are:

1. To be more patient with the many officials that are currently blighting our lives (the price of living in paradise is high).

2. To update the blog more regularly.

3. Give up the evil weed. Reply to this

12 years ago, January 1st 2007 No: 4 Msg: #9562  
Happy New Year from Korea!

New Year's Resolution?

To live more. To know more. To accomplish these by traveling more.

Good luck, prosperity, and traveling to all! If you imagine your dreams coming true long enough, there's a good chance they will. Make sure to dream big! Reply to this

12 years ago, January 2nd 2007 No: 5 Msg: #9576  
Happy New Year. I made a resolution several years ago to not make any more resolutions, and I haven't broken it yet! Reply to this

12 years ago, January 2nd 2007 No: 6 Msg: #9579  
Happy New Year, everyone 😊

After several years of not making any, I got all hyped up on resoluting this year:

1. to file all my photos monthly, and back them up onto disc each month... (I have been very behind with this, and live in terror at the thought of losing my laptop, so this is for peace of mind as well as organisation)

2. keep a list of exciting events/places/things I want to do, and do all that I can manage (I'm not going to set a number to achieve, but I hope that having a record will remind and help me when I plan, as I tend to think "oh, I'll do that next month", forgetting that exhibitions finish and some things happen only at certain times of year.)

3. to keep a daily record in my journal

4. to save up and buy a digital SLR (there are so many things beyond the comprehension of my beloved little camera)

all other ideas of betterment I think I'll file under 'intentions' so I have a better chance of keeping these four.

New Year's resolutions are interesting... does anyone know how they evolved? Particular to a culture and adopted by others, or just a general and global desire to try harder in the New Year? Reply to this

12 years ago, January 2nd 2007 No: 7 Msg: #9580  
B Posts: 5,187

A New Year's resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous. The name comes from the fact that these commitments normally go into effect on New Year's Day and remain until the set goal has been achieved, although many resolutions go unachieved and are often broken fairly shortly after they are set. ... The tradition of the New Year's Resolutions goes all the way back to 153 BC. Janus, a mythical king of early Rome was placed at the head of the calendar. With two faces, Janus could look back on past events and forward to the future. Janus became the ancient symbol for resolutions and many Romans looked for forgiveness from their enemies and also exchanged gifts before the beginning of each year.

- wikipedia.org

Reply to this

12 years ago, January 2nd 2007 No: 8 Msg: #9581  
B Posts: 1
HI there! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007!!

I hope all of you enjoyes New Year and that 2007 brings a lot of
luck to everyone! :-)

Well my resolutions are:

1. Not taking things that serious anymore

2. Eating lesser chocolate ;-)

Reply to this

12 years ago, January 4th 2007 No: 9 Msg: #9618  
B Posts: 18
Exercise. exercise, exer all the way. Reply to this

12 years ago, January 4th 2007 No: 10 Msg: #9632  
I am travelling now for over twenty five eyars and frankly... the best is to be honest with myslf and say yes if i give up smoking , drinking, getting mad with people - looking at beutiful girls ... all fine and dandy...but I aint NO mahatma GANDI...!!!

NO... I have one resolution for this year ... the next year and the next until I achieve it... it is this: TO PLANT A TREE IN 2007... 0r 2008 ... to keep travelling until I can find a corner of this planet that has a piece of peace and just plant the tree... then Ill build my life around the tree.

Ive got a few ideas of the kind of tree id like to plant... Ive even got a seed of a tree I found in Turkey... ( its a cypress) - but my no. 1 tree is THE BAOBAB... it lasts 2000 years...

so yeah... thats my resolution... Reply to this

12 years ago, January 5th 2007 No: 11 Msg: #9661  
Happy new year everyone. My main resolution this year (apart from the usual cutting down on drinking and eating!) is to make it to South America. I have wanted to go there for so many years, and I think this is the year my dreams come true.

Oh, and also to update and be on travelblog more regularly too...! Reply to this

12 years ago, January 5th 2007 No: 12 Msg: #9665  
B Posts: 30
I have a few goals rather than resolutions for '07:

1 - enjoy my time at home between my travels.
2 - take more pictures and not rush through them
3 - finaly finish all my photo albums
4 - take time out to smell the flowers, wake up early and watch the sunrise, stay up and watch the sunset
5 - do some nightly yoga before bed to calm the spirit
6 - do more things that I enjoy (sewing, playing video games, snowboarding)
7 - and finally, WORK TO LIVE NOT LIVE TO WORK!!! (i'm so guilty of this one, then I wonder where my time has gone to!! time to change that!) Reply to this

12 years ago, January 5th 2007 No: 13 Msg: #9670  
B Posts: 2
When I was younger I used to do claim all those ridiculous resolutions that those stupid girls' magazines used to tell me to do...a few years ago I stopped them cause I realized it was pointless!
Last year, however, I spent the Holidays with a friend that was going through some tough moments. She decided to make some resolutions to make 2006 a better year (she did stick to some!) and forced me to write at least one...all I had was a blank paper written "London" on it. And it wasn't til a few weeks ago that I realized I did stick to the ONE resolution I had made!
I know nobody asked or anything, but if someone wants an advice on New Year's resolution, I'd say make YOUR OWN!! They should apply to YOUR life, not whoever wrote an article on a magazine that says "natural is the new look" and shows a picture of a model apparently "naturally beautiful" but that took hours to be taken, a lot of make-up and hair retouching and Photoshop. 😊

happy new year, everyone!

oh yeah!! my new resolution?! More dancing, less drinking 😊 Reply to this

12 years ago, January 6th 2007 No: 14 Msg: #9687  
Well, To be frankly I live in a country where we do have a different calendar. As I am from Nepal, a beautiful Himalayan Kingdom in Asia, located in between the two emerging giants China and India. Here in Nepal we have a calendar called Bikram Sambat (BS) and we are now at the middle of 2063 BS. That means we are about 56 years ahead to AD. We will have a new year of our own in April 16, 2007, and that would be the first day of 2064 BS.

Most of the Nepalese people do mark the First day of the year as a important day and a day holiday is celeberated through out the country. But the New Year here in Nepal is not celeberated like in developed countries. Slightly in the urban places, New Generations are Westernizing themselves by celeberating the English caledar. And this day is enjoyed by outings, visiting fesitvals, and having foods and fun with family and freinds out of home. (only common in city areas). So for me, this New Year, January 1, 2007 had been fun with frends in the street festival of Pokhara, Lakeside. A famous tourist destination in Nepal. see more in www.visitpokhara.com Reply to this

12 years ago, January 11th 2007 No: 15 Msg: #9800  
Well this year was the first time I celebrated New Years away from my family, it was hard but then afterwards I realized how scared I was about leaving home and all that. Anyways I went with my boyfriend and his friend to a nice cottage and celebrated 2007 at full blast, I had fun, even if I really got "HAPPY" anyways I guess it was all worth it because I don't feel so scared anymore but I do have lots of new year resolutions.
1- Lose weight
2- Be more organized
3-Relax, Relax and Relax
4- Not take life so hard and take it easy (stop stressing my self and stop thinking about stuff)
5- Learn how to manage money
6- Smile (umm also learn how to smile)
7- Be more harmonious with my family and others
8- Study flipping hard!
9- Go to bed early
10- Love life

yeah if you read through you might think I'm a screwed person but not really..I just need to achieve the above to be happier with my life. I will be moving with my dad in Nicaragua to study and it's going to be hard to keep a relationship going while I study but I pray to god to give me strenght to do it and help me in all aspect and I also hope that all of your wishes may come true! !!!!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
Reply to this

12 years ago, January 13th 2007 No: 16 Msg: #9845  

I got my bundle of new year resolutions 😊

1: i ll scale ma smokin habits down....its affectin me n givin me a negativ energy i suppose....

2: try to improvise on ma grades n get dem goin higher tan ma previous year's.

3:party hard n njoy ma lif by smilin n makin people smile wid ma presence.

4:get a nice professional job bfore i graduate..............

5: i need a galfrnd..........welcum girls as n single again!!!!

6: gonna buy more of funkie stuff 2 keep maself in style!!! n yes i desperately need a makeover guys!

dese r aashu's resolutions.....simple yet 2 sweet 4me..... Reply to this

12 years ago, January 15th 2007 No: 17 Msg: #9889  
Here are mine - short and sweet!

1. Simplification (getting back to basics by reducing the complexity and negative influences in my life ...)
2. Sky Diving
3. South America Reply to this

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