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Thinking of visiting North America

Offer of advice, and experience of travelling for the first time.
6 years ago, March 7th 2011 No: 1 Msg: #130585  
I went on a Tour around North America and Canada last year, and as it was my first time in doing something like this, thought I would try to offer my experiences and knowledge to anyone who is thinking of doing something similar themselves.
I have started my own blog on Travelblog which anyone can look at, which offers an insight to what a Tour around America can be like.
If you're nervous, anxious, unsure, or even just interested in what I went through before, during and after my Tour, please feel free to add a posting or contacting me to check my blog out. Reply to this

5 years ago, October 1st 2011 No: 2 Msg: #144252  
Hi Adam,

I've been reading your blog and I must say it's a pleasure to read! I'm actually American, but it was a pleasure to read about familiar (and unfamiliar) places you had been to-especially in the eyes of an Englishmen! You're trip was quite amibitious-kudos to you and your fellow travelers! One thing I'd like to ask you is: how has this trip to America changed you? Would you do something like this again-either in the US or in another region/country/continent? I noticed you did a lot of West Coast travel; I only know the East Coast however I am interested in going West someday and I was just curious as to how you would compare the East and West Coast in regards to the cities you find, and the people you encountered, even the sites that you saw. I know for me I see the Western part of the US like a whole other country (well we tend to view our individual states like little countries-when you ask an American where they're from they're going to mention their state first normally), but just regionally the West seems newer, a lot more rural and more about nature. I noticed you've been to the Southeast, and some of the Northeast, and then you explored the west (I've only read your blogs so far about California, the Grand Canyon and about your trips in NJ, DC, NC, SC, and FL I'm trying to get to the rest)-I'm curious as to how you perceived these regional changes if you felt any culture shock at all, if you have a regional preference based on your travels and just how you were able to absorb all these destinations you were traveling to and from. Well cheers, thanks for sharing your travels and happy future travels! Reply to this

5 years ago, October 24th 2011 No: 3 Msg: #145749  
Hi Danielle

Apologies for getting back to you. I'm glad to hear you have been enjoying the blog. I've really enjoyed writing it and then posted each entry.

In answer to your question, I honestly believe that the trip has changed me, but it has actually woken certain parts of me to a whole new way of life. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the trip and would recommend the same trip to anyone, no matter their circumstances.
I would really consider coming back to America to either do the same tour, or go the opposite way round. It seems we did do a lot more on the West Coast, but believe me when I say there was plenty of opportunites on either coast.

I know before I went out there, and whilst going around America, I had the thought of the Wild West and cowboys and Indians heavily on my mind, and have come back with a real sense of free spirit, having spent a night with the Navajo's in Monument Valley. There, as well as the Grand Canyon, Banff, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago and even a lesser known spot known as Dead Horse Point, Utah were the real highlights for me. But as I said before I really enjoyed every part of America that we passed through.

I know that as we started the Tour, the weather/temperature was always good, and changed from humid to dry mostly, but when we hit Colorado from New Mexico there was a really change in culture as well as the temperature. And then it changed back as we entered Utah and Arizona. I don't beleive there was any real need to adjust to the different regions, and I felt I acclimatised very well.

In the end the constant travelling did take its toll on me, and I'm sure the others who went the whole way round, feeling a lot more tired than the others especially towards the end.

In fact I am now back in Banff, spending 12 months here on a working visa. I start working at one of the near by resorts in a couple of weeks for the season and have already settled back here and looking forward to the next year.

Thanks for contacting me and hope you continue to read the rest fo my blog.

Adam Reply to this

5 years ago, October 25th 2011 No: 4 Msg: #145767  
Hey Adam,

It's ok, I understand you've been busy but I understand where you are coming from regarding travel. I know my 9 months studying abroad in France changed my life forever too. I know I want to go back and also do some more traveling because well I only saw 1/3 of what France has to offer and the European continent for that matter and I want to see more than just European countries. I agree with you, there is a LOT to see in the US-you could spend years in some states on the East Coast, like VA, NY and MA because of all the history and culture. Shoot, NYC could be done over several decades probably easy! I have yet to read most of your earlier blogs (I've started some but I need to go back and read them) but I've noticed most of your travel was out West and that's fine-there's a lot to see out there.

Well enjoy your time in Banff and I'm glad you enjoy writing your blog! Have you thought of what you might do after working 12 months there? Any plans for future travel back in the US or elsewhere in the world? You're welcome, thanks for responding! I will keep on reading and take care! Reply to this

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