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Bad Experience Peru

never going back
10 years ago, January 22nd 2011 No: 1 Msg: #127075  

Had the worst time in Lima. The spicy sauces were tasty but made me sick and gave me the worst runs ever. It hits you with no warning and it gives you only like a 5 minute headstart and when you in a downtown Lima you S.O.L cuz there is nowhere decent to take a dump in a peacefull and clean place.

Took the damn MiraBus and 15 min into it I had the worst stomach ache and I just knew the slightest cough would make me burst like a pizza pop so I tried to tough it out but it was unbearable and the damn driver wouldn't stop for me without having me tell all the details. So I stepped off the bus all angry ready to punch someone and I looked and looked around and there was nowhere to go so I ended up having to walk into a Chifa and they insisted I ordered something so I could use the services so I ordered a stupid soup that was way too hot by the way.

Things got worse cuz someone was in the washroom, doing what i'm not sure but they were taking forever so I had to leave the place and look for the nearest secluded place whcih was next to impossible cuz there is always people everywhere, people looked out their 2nd story windows, I got to a park but there was like 3 couples making out at the benches so there was no privacy. Ended up having to take a squat behind a parked car and a bus went by and everyone saw my rear.

This is ridiculous. I never wanna go back again.

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10 years ago, January 23rd 2011 No: 2 Msg: #127117  
I'm sad for you that you are walking away from a beautiful and amazing country because of one bad experience.
Maybe you are more of a tourist than a traveler and best for you to stay home.

Once you become a traveler you understand the rhythm of travel and it sometimes has unexpected and unwanted events that pop up. It takes a little grace and patience to deal with it and you move on.

I'm not sure why you boarded a bus knowing you were still sick. Why not stay in your room until you were better?
I would not blame Peru for your poor judgement.

Happy Travels Reply to this

10 years ago, January 23rd 2011 No: 3 Msg: #127120  
B Posts: 897
Lol um Im sorry but while i do agree with Dave and Merry Jo..i think your story was hilarious!!! Thats what travel is all about...experiencing new things even if it is a bum bus display while you were in such an unfortunate position. Im now very tempted to post a blog I wrote about my partner having a massive festering tropical ulcer on his bum and getting wedged in the tunnel at Cu Chi only to have a human chain of swiss ingenuity and korean work ethic plant their hands on his very sore bum and shove LOL.

Try and remember this when you travel...No one will remember you, its not like your boss saw you taking a dump in the office filing cabinet....and you probably provided the locals with a moment of levity..stupid gringo why he poo in park?

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10 years ago, January 23rd 2011 No: 4 Msg: #127132  
B Posts: 137
At the first twinge you take some of the trot medicine you brought with you for that purpose and lay low for a couple of days in your hostel/hotel. Actually, if you are in a hostel you consider upgrading to a hotel for a couple of days - private bathroom. You do not try to travel anywhere by bus.

Strange food and water can do things to your system. Frankly, I think you are lucky you made it to the park. As embarrassing as it all was, it isn't the fault of a whole country and will make a great story for you to tell later when a bit of time has passed. I have a similar story about having a pee in some tall grass in France, looking down and seeing a large spider on my leg, bolting upright (skirt around my waist) just in time for a busload of people to have a good look. Wasn't funny at the time, but it is now. Reply to this

10 years ago, January 27th 2011 No: 5 Msg: #127535  

10 years ago, February 1st 2011 No: 6 Msg: #127885  
Great way to loose a few kilos. Happens to us all and is part of the adventure Reply to this

10 years ago, February 12th 2011 No: 7 Msg: #128889  
lmao..wtf? stop complaining man Reply to this

10 years ago, February 16th 2011 No: 8 Msg: #129233  
B Posts: 18
So you was THAT guy we´d seen LOL (nice butt btw lol) so better don´t come back again cuz I have good memory and I could make a joke if I see you... just kidding!

Completely agree with ppl around here... it´s not Peru´s fault you didn´t provide yourself some pills for that kind of diseases I think all travelers use to have them into their rucksacks... plus, bad choice to get a bus in that condition and not having a nappy... sorry

But take a deep breath and smile... those kind of things use to happen!

Hope to see you again over here (in the good way!)! Reply to this

10 years ago, March 1st 2011 No: 9 Msg: #130122  
I got the runs and ended up stopping regularly on the third day of the Inca Trail to take a dump in the forrest. I consider it to be more of an experience than an annoyance. Infact I found that it helped to broaden my horizons.

Plus a view of the sacred valley is probably the best view you could ask for while you are... in pain. Reply to this

10 years ago, March 8th 2011 No: 10 Msg: #130662  
hmmmm, next time keep the right anti-run medication in your pocket, purse, wallet. Don't leave home w/o them kiddo!

By the way, Peru is beautiful! Reply to this

10 years ago, March 17th 2011 No: 11 Msg: #131448  
B Posts: 171
thats nasty hahaha

now i know why the gringos have a bad name in peru for being dirty

but why the heck did you get on the mirabus when you had the runs....

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