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The conclusion of Kodachrome

A Kansas lab will process the last batch today, but how did slide film/transparencies compare to digital photography?
12 years ago, December 31st 2010 No: 1 Msg: #125606  
Lab flooded with last-minute Kodachrome orders

I used slide film extensively for almost 20 years of travelling, and though I liked Kodachrome for its reds and skin tones, I did prefer the blues and greens of Fujichrome for landscape photography.

To me digital photography cannot compete with the richness of detail of slide film, nor does digital photography handle the light spectrum well in different lighting situations. Furthermore, the contrast that slides were able to get in photographs is still not matched by digital photography.

However, digital has brought a whole range of benefits - being able to instantly see photos and adjust settings accordingly, the portability of memory cards as opposed to bulkier and heavier rolls of film, and the ability to tweet photographs on your computer (especially dust specks and exposure control). Portraits are far easier to capture nowadays, because once people see their image on the back of a camera they relax far more easily for subsequent shots.

For those fellow veterans of Kodachrome photography, how have you found the change to digital now that an era has officially finished today? Reply to this

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