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Cross canada advice ?

I'm not sure about my plan ? please help.
4 years ago, December 17th 2010 No: 1 Msg: #124894  
N Posts: 1
Hello, i\'m new here.

I have a plan to go canada and a bit of the usa alone.

i will start my journey in new york, because it\'s cheap to fly from europe. and will make my way up to canada, and from there to the west coust(vancouver).
i want to start in may untill july/ august. is this a good time?
my budget is arround 6500 euro for everything and im planning to go to hostels and take good care about my money.
i\'m also planning to go by public transport because i have no driver licence. hitchhiking is also a possibility but i don\'t know if thats a good plan in canada?

Do you guys think i can pull this off, with budget time and transport?
all tips for things i shoudn\'t miss are very welcome.

thanks in advance and this is an awsome site/blog.

sorry for my bad english.

Dolf Reply to this

4 years ago, December 24th 2010 No: 2 Msg: #125258  
hitchhiking in Canada is no problem...

public transportation are not even close as good as in Europe. Train are expensive and slow in a lot of place.

Where do you want to go in canada...

guess from new-york you can hit montreal or quebec if you plan on going there. from mtl you can go to ontario and visit ottawa, toronto, niagara falls...from there the next worthy stop is baff,calgary...the resort section... then bc which is amazing.

May june july are good months... I think autumn is even better... Reply to this

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