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stay in Bangkok for the night or go to Krabi

Anyone arrived late and still got accomodation in Krabi ok?
16 years ago, November 8th 2006 No: 1 Msg: #8417  
We will be arriving in Bangkok at 7am on 23rd December and will then be flying down to Krabi.

Our dilema is that we have a choice of 2 flights to Krabi. Either we wait nearly 4 hours at the airport and get the 10.45am flight arriving Krabi around midday , or can we get a taxi into Bangkok and have time to do some sightseeing and be back at the airport (new one, 13 kms away) for 3.15pm to get the 5.15 pm flight. In this case we won't get to Krabi untill around 7pm. Does anyone more familiar with the area think we will get accomodation ok at that time of night? keep in mind it will be nearly Christmas eve by then.

We then intend to get the first ferry over to Phi Phi next day (24th ) and hopefully find accomodation there. An update of times for the ferry would help here.

It is our first time in Thailand so any help would be greatly appreciated. We're not too fussy about the one night in Krabi but would like somewhere 'fairly ok' on Phi Phi

Thanks for any advice, Sheila (Late Traveller) Reply to this

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