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Camps 5 Australia Wide for sale - $40

The Aussie camping bible for sale - lists cheap & free campsites.
4 years ago, November 24th 2010 No: 1 Msg: #123556  
Camps 5 lists over 3500 free and low cost campsites across Australia. It contains really good maps and directions to each site - plus details of the facilities and even GPS co-ordinates.

We bought this 2 months ago for $60. It paid for itself within the first week! It\'s been an absolute godsend and we cannot recommend it highly enough. The book is in excellent condition. Just a couple of slightly creased and annotated pages. Nothing that detracts from it\'s usefulness.

We are currently in The Entrance (100k north of Sydney) until Thursday 25th Nov. We will be in Sydney from Sat 27th until Tues 30th November. Happy to meet you in either of these locations.

This is for sale for $40. Please email <snip>if you are interested.
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