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power converters

questions about power converters
4 years ago, November 3rd 2010 No: 1 Msg: #122284  
B Posts: 10
I am just curious about power converters for south america, mostly for chile and argentina. Should I buy a
SA power converter set here in canada before I leave or are they available to buy down there? The only thing I need a power converter for is for my camera battery. I bought a Canon Powershot, not thinking about the power source. Though it would just be batteries. But you have to take the bower cell out and put it in a charger that plugs into an outlet. I would prefer to buy a single outlet for each country when I am there, so I dont have to lug around a case of converters. Then when I leave that particular country I would just pass the converter on to someone else. Anyone that can help me with this would be great!
tim Reply to this

4 years ago, November 3rd 2010 No: 2 Msg: #122319  
We got a universal converter that you can use anywhere. Different prongs come out depending on where you are. That would mean you only needed one for your whole trip. Reply to this

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