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Travel rhymes

Originally part of I'm a poet, and I know it.
Try your hand at writing one(or more).
11 years ago, September 17th 2010 No: 1 Msg: #119244  
There was a young traveller from Spain
who went for a trek in the rain
(S)he got in a muddle, when (s)he fell in a puddle
and never went trekking again Reply to this

11 years ago, September 19th 2010 No: 2 Msg: #119323  
Mine keep coming out x-rated... hmmm... ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶ Reply to this

11 years ago, September 25th 2010 No: 3 Msg: #119648  
I'm the king of all I see.Yes everything is mine.
The birds, the trees ,the rivers ,the beasts n fish on which I dine.
The rolling hills and grassy plains ,the deserts ,red and bare.
The biggest wish I have in life is "Advance my homeland fair".
From Broome ,up in the northwest, to good old Hobart town.
From Cairns across to Albany, that's where I wear my crown.
My life has been predestined across this sunburnt land to roam.
For I'm the "Wild Colonial Boy" and Australia is my home. Reply to this

11 years ago, October 4th 2010 No: 4 Msg: #120317  
I came to the land of Genghis Khan
The home of many a different "minzu":
There's Han, and Uighur, Manchu and Hui,
And even those called Mongol, too.

I came to the land of Genghis Khan
To work, but also to play as well
I try to speak Chinese with elan
Some days it's heaven, some days it's hell.

I've come to the land of Genghis Khan
I love the music, I love the food;
My rhymes are silly, and though I fawn
I tell you, I love the land of the Khan!
Reply to this

11 years ago, October 8th 2010 No: 5 Msg: #120712  
From this entry: An Ode to Sheeps

New Zealanders call themselves Kiwis
For a flightless bird that runs freely
But we think that this point is moot
For the kiwi is very elusive
It truly is quite reclusive
The bird seems to not give a hoot

While the Maori may love the kiwi
We think that we’ve discovered a species
That shows what New Zealand is made of
Seen beside roadways and byways
Standing forward backward and sideways
They’re woolen when push comes to shove

For the fluffy white animal we pick
Sure has gotten the short end of the stick
Despite the fact we find it so neat
It provides us with food and clothing
But to kill one would fill us with loathing
It’s affectionately known as a sheep

While New Zealanders number four million
It seems there are a gazillion
Of these fluffsters munching on grass
With thirty million in their number
It seems that as the people slumber
They could take over the nation en masse

While incredibly wooly they seem less than wild
But their quizzical looks are far from mild
Their stare shows an unanswered question
Why are you here and do you have food
o stop just to stare is incredibly rude
Is conveyed by their steely expression

While from a distance they’ll stare without fear
If you venture forth and approach near
They’ll turn tail and waddle away
Try not to take this as a personal slight
For a sheep will never choose fight over flight
As fear seems to be their mainstay

Though their day is filled with pooping and eating
And they spend their nights standing there sleeping
We find that they mesmerize us
For as down the highway we drive
We are unable to take our eyes
From these animals, you’ll just have to trust us

In the end we hope you are thinkin’
That the Kiwi is a mascot that’s stinkin’
Next to New Zealander’s sheep
This animal that’s fluffy and tasty
But sometimes appears to be racy
Is a mascot that we think is neat

If you ever find yourself in New Zealand
You won’t see a Kiwi or hear a peep
But as you drive through the beautiful farm land
Remember our ode to the sheep Reply to this

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