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Trekking in Tibet

Best way to trek in Tibet....organised tour or turn up, hire guide and go!
12 years ago, April 28th 2010 No: 1 Msg: #109800  

I am travelling around China for a month (from 21st Aug)

I am keen on trekking and would love to go for around 10 days around Tibet (i have been reading about the Ganden to Samye Monastery trek, which looks good)

Where is the best place to book trekking in tibet? I think you have to be on a tour to get to Lhasa (due to visas)...so where should i look to book the trek from...Beijing? As i will be on the China side.

I know from Kathmandu you can just show up talk to various tour guides etc. and then just go - however, if i can't get into Lhasa to talk to the companies (without visa) what should i do?

Also, after the trek i will be returning home to the UK...for flights is this best to go to Kathmandu and fly from there or any other suggestions? - know of any good low cost airlines in the area?

Any tips about booking treks etc would be really appreciated..i am also travelling alone so would really like to do trek with others...

Thanks for your help!

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12 years ago, May 27th 2010 No: 2 Msg: #111928  
U can check online ... book online maybe with some travel agent in Lhasa or Chengdu ...after your permit will be issued they would mail it to your place in Beijing or anywhere else where u will be in China, or deliver to you personally. From Nepali side it is more complicated even, becouse u have to go to a trave agent go on organised tour with a guide which cost much more the in CHina. On Nepali side the issue u a tourist group visa only for around 14-21 days max! so before your das run out you have to be out of China.You cant extend this visa. So from chinesse side is easier and cheaper. After the trek the best would be two otpions either come back to Beijing with a train 48hr around 100$ one way train.
Or From Lhasa travel overland to KTM and from there either take a flight to Delhi 100$( +/- ) or travel overland around 2 days via minibus-jeep-train to Delhi, but in that case you would need a indian visa, just transit one will be enough.
From Delhi u will have the cheapest options to come back to UK.
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11 years ago, July 20th 2010 No: 3 Msg: #116065  
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tibet travel doesn't permit independent travel, so u need to aplly for a travel agency or ask an agency to arrange this for u. the tibet permit u could ask the agency to help u handle it. you are required a copy of your passport along with the Chinese visa. You need to apply for the travel permit at least 10 days prior to your entry date. u d'better ask a agency in Chengdu or Tibet. there are may special agencies who can help u get the permit and from whom u can rent a car and hide a driver who can also be a guider and also get discount in lodging and boarding (they can even arrange u spent days in tibetan familes, and i had that great experience), quite convenient. last year i had trekked in Dege in Tibet with the help of a special travel agency who is just to arranging trekking or overland tour along Sichuan-Tibet roadline or in tibet. their service is quite personal and good. U only need to organize ur group(of course, they can also help u to organize) and they will help to do logistics for u. so travelling with them, u don't need to worry ur logistic and having absolute freedom to decide where u wanna travel. we have already become friends since last journey,quite helpful friends and this early august, i decide to travel in Sichuan still with their help.
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