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When buying a campervan, what do we need to know?

Looking for any help or information, about buying a campervan in Australia. We are travelling from UK.
9 years ago, April 25th 2010 No: 1 Msg: #109577  
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My friend and i have recently bought a campervan, we are just going through the process of changing the owners name. We have a full UK drivers licence and also an international licence. The registration of the van is valid until 2012. The previous owners purchased the van from the auto barn and have now sold it onto us. It is registered in Queensland and we bought this in Perth. We would like to know if you would be able to give us any more information which we will need to do with our van. eg. tax, registrations, insurance etc

What steps do you need to go through? when we look up information on the internet its talking about inspections, immobilisers and costing a lot of money. would anyone be able to give us any advice?

The people we have bought it from didnt seem to have any of this, we are not sure as we dont want to be breaking any laws as we are on a working visa.

any help will be great thanks

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9 years ago, April 30th 2010 No: 2 Msg: #109917  
Hi Tracy

This is a subject I am also interested in as I intend on buying a van when I get out there. I have done a bit of research and found this site to be very helpfull as it gives loads of info about exactly what is needed and also sells vans.

KingsCross Car Market

There is also another thread like this that might help you here.

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9 years ago, May 16th 2010 No: 3 Msg: #111004  
Buying cars to travel Australia has always been a complete pain as there are no national regulations that don't vary from state to state. In theory the car has to be registered in the state in which you are ordinarily 'resident', which works fine for the general population, but travellers aren't resident anywhere so fall into a bit of a black hole!
In practice the authorities are reasonably lenient if you can show you are genuinely on the move, and problems would only arise if you are stopped by the police, get a speed camera fine, or when you go to resell or renew registration.
Basically if any of the above happen you're meant to be able to show you have a permanent address in the state to which the car is registered, where fines/documents etc will be sent.
It's a little easier than it used to be, as these days you can renew registration online; your sticker will still have to be sent to a Qld address though(and theoretically should be displayed on the windscreen as soon as it's current). In practice even if you don't stick it on, the authorities can check on-line and get an instant report that you've at least paid it (we were stopped and let off for an out of date sticker in the middle of the northern territory when they double checked we'd paid and we explained we hadn't been home in a while!)
Speed camera fines are a total pain as notification is by mail only (not too handy if your 'home address' is fictitious!) and you'll accumulate late fines for non-payment as you go along! I've pointed out the complete lack of logic in this arrangement to Queensland Transport before for those on the move. Their helpful response was that I should notify them of a new change of address in writing every night wherever I set up camp! Despite pointing out I'd have moved on again by the time they got it did, they refused to deviate from this twisted logic. Maybe best just to drive slow to avoid the problem (or just leave the country before they catch up with you!)
Basically if at all possible it's best to buy and sell the car and renew registration while in the same state in which it is registered. If you can do that, it's easy. If not there'll be hassles! Car's regitered in WA have always been popular as there are much less of these hassles than elsewhere. Reply to this

9 years ago, May 16th 2010 No: 4 Msg: #111009  
Andy & Debbie are right but you need to know that it is actually a fine-able offence i) if you don't display a registration sticker; ii) if you display an out of date registration sticker and iii) if you display more than one registration sticker. That said, I have been caught twice for not having an up-to-date sticker displayed (I had been too lazy to remove the old one and put the new one on) and was only given a warning to get it fixed up.

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