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Turkishdelight, is the Unknown Blogger of the Week

''What can I say, I am a Sagittarian that is is full of life and out to explore the world :)''
11 years ago, September 14th 2009 No: 1 Msg: #86244  
Subtitle quote by Turkishdelight

Turkishdelight is currently on an OZ bus trip from the UK to Oz. I nominate her, because of her very entertaining blogs. 😊

She has one nomination so far. Hopefully others will like her blogs as much as I do, and hit the recommend button to get them on the Front Page. And she promises to tell us how OZ is when she gets there.

Having been through 17 countries leaves one more till the end of my Ozbus trip. As you all know Australia is the country which I have been most looking forward to and I am thoroughly excited and can’t wait to update you on how I get on down under…

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11 years ago, April 26th 2010 No: 2 Msg: #109630  
Congratulations Turkishdelight! 😊 You now have enough recommends, for your future blogs to go on the Front Page. Reply to this

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