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Living in Pucon, Chile for the summer (until the end of February), and am trying to find good ideas for travel and work afterwards. Please help!
11 years ago, December 20th 2009 No: 1 Msg: #96954  
Hello all!

I just recently graduated from my University in the US, and came down to Chile to work for the summer. I am working at a hostel in Pucon, Chile, and will be here until the end of february. I am looking for cool things that I can do around Pucon while I am here, and also trying to come up with a travel plan for after my job is over. I am looking for outdoor experiences like hiking, camping, trekking, and surfing- and fun nighlife primarily.

My goal is to be in SA for a year or more and want to travel around for a while, settle down somewhere and work, then travel, work, travel, work. My hope is that traveling like this will allow me to stay for longer, and improve my Spanish more. My spanish is already good, but I want to be fluent. Ideally, I would like to find jobs in the environmental field, particularly renewable energy and efficiency. Any ideas?

I have been thinking that due to when I will be ending my time in Pucon (end of february) it would be best to maybe check out patagonia and torres del paine and then head north through Argentina. My itinerary depends also on the work that I may be able to find as well. But any ideas that people have regarding traveling, both on and off the beaten path, during the time that I will be traveling, any help would be incredible. Ideas about working in green business, renewable energy or environmental conservation would be great as well.

Any ideas or advice will seriously help me! Whether its a town to check out, a place to rent cheap tents, a cheap hostel, a good beach, or the best bar in town. Thank you so much! Reply to this

10 years ago, November 26th 2010 No: 2 Msg: #123713  

Well if you are interested in coming to santiago i am working 3 jobs here in one hostel, on hotel and i teach english, there are lots of institutes here to do that if you want

I would like to ask about working in Pucon also, how does it work there is it only work for accomodation, do you get food etc

I hope t exchange some ideas with you

THKS Elliot Reply to this

10 years ago, February 14th 2011 No: 3 Msg: #129056  
I have not yet been to Chile, so I can't help you Alex, but I thought maybe you and/or Elliot could give me some pointers. I am American and planning to head to Chile in the next few weeks. I am hoping to find some sort of volunteer work (especially anything that might cover room and board). You mentioned you are working in a hostel. Are there opportunities for work in hostels? Are there any problems working there, in terms of government regulations? I'll keep this request short, and if I hear back from either of you, maybe we can discuss more in depth. Good luck on your travels! Reply to this

10 years ago, February 14th 2011 No: 4 Msg: #129063  

At the moment i work in a hostal called the happy house, you need to speak some form of spanish, but its best to come in maybe stay a day or two and speak to the manager ricardo, they receive lots of curriculams by email so i dont now if it will be a advantage sending one but here is website www.happyhousehostel.com
I also worked at a few schools teaching english this i would apply for now as soon the holidays are over in chile, just lye, say you have lots of experience otherwise they will not take you, they didnt check my papers
In resepct of being legal, i stayed in santiago for 8 months, every 3 months i went to argentina the immigration didnt say anything, ihave friends that have done this for the last 2 years
Did you mention that you worked in a hostal in Pucon, i want to travel to the south but cheaply, whats the name of the hostel ??
i hope the information helps you.......... Reply to this

10 years ago, February 16th 2011 No: 5 Msg: #129190  
Just curious- what does it cost each time you re-enter the country?
Do you get a new visa each time?

I appreciate hearing about you and friends staying there for long periods of time. I hope to do the same. I once stayed in France for over a year, without a visa, when visas were required and only lasted 6 months. But I can't count on this everywhere, so I find your words encouraging! Reply to this

9 years ago, May 4th 2011 No: 6 Msg: #135455  
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