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2 Gap year students, travelling from Costa Rica to Rio/Brazil

Would love some help on this guys, its a big task we are undertaking :)
11 years ago, October 22nd 2009 No: 1 Msg: #90344  
Hey there,
We have both come out of A-levels and looking to get travelling before uni.

Out plan is:
15th Feb Fly into San Jose Costa rica.
4-5 weeks at La Tortuga Feliz.

This is where is gets more tricky.
Basicly, we are looking to go to Machu Piccu/INcan trails, La Paz death road, Salar de Uyani, travel some of chile. Potentially do some stuff in the Andes, head to Buenos Aires, Sao Palo the finish in Rio de Janeiro.

My main questions on this are basicly travel related. I planned to take a 65 litre bag around the country with me. I did 3 weeks in India with this bag, but safe storage was always avaliable. When using the local transport systems and using Hostel/cheap hotel rooms how safe will my bag be?

Any tips and advise are most welcome and much appreciated. Reply to this

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