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Tazara rail

Anyone travelled it recently? Is it still possible?
10 years ago, October 12th 2009 No: 1 Msg: #89185  
is it still possible to travel the Tazara line from Lusaka, Zambia to Dar Es Salaam, Tanz? done as much research as i can and im getting way too many conflicting reports. anyone traveled it recently? or have a current site to look up? Reply to this

10 years ago, October 16th 2009 No: 2 Msg: #89630  
Hello Chris 😊

I moved this to the Overland and Sea Forum, where hopefully it will get some replies.

Mel Reply to this

10 years ago, October 16th 2009 No: 3 Msg: #89685  
Hi Crisus,

I travelled with the Tazara in July this year and it was an amazing experience. It is still possible - and what I have seen on TV in Zambia, they are trying to promote this journey. In general, there are 2 "normal" routes for Travellers.

1. You can do the whole journey starting in Kaipiri Mposhi (like 4 hours by bus north of Lusaka - you only get the tickets there). The journey takes between 3 - 6 days (depends on technical problems). Mostly it is about 4 days.

2. When you travel through Malawi you can go north to Mbeya (Tansania) there you can go on the train twice a week. Just ask at hostels throughout Zambia or Malawi, they usually know when. Or check on the internet on the Tazara website. From Mbeya you have about 26 hours to Dar es Salaam. it is an amazing journey (I did it this way). Just be prepared to wait at the train station in Mbeya - we had to wait for 10 hours.

You should go 1st class (like all travellers). It is still extremly cheap. The meals in the restaurant car are quite good (but it just chicken or beef and rice).

Enjoy the trip - it is worth it - just not comfortable at all.

Cheers, Nina
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10 years ago, January 3rd 2010 No: 4 Msg: #98151  
I am interested about making a film about this railway and in my research I have been told by a Tanzanian that it's totally buggered, by a newspaper that it's almost buggered and by a Zambian that it's fine. This may either mean that it's fine in Zambia but not in Tanzania or that no one has a clue. I guess it'll have to be one of those "on the ground research" type films. Reply to this

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