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W Trek (short version)

Advice sought on seeing the torres and Glacier Grey without doing full W trek
11 years ago, September 21st 2009 No: 1 Msg: #86803  

My boyfriend and I arrive in Puerto Natales on 28th October (Day 1), probably late in the day. The next day we're planning on heading to Torres del Paine to spend two nights (3 days) in the park.

We will not have enough time to do the whole W trek so are aiming to see the torres (possibly camping at base - Day 2), in order to get up early to see them at first light - Day 3), then somehow get to the start of the trail to Grey Glacier to do this hike (Day 3). After this we plan to head back to P Natales, collect our luggage and take a trip out to Perito Moreno (Day 4).

Does this sound doable? Is it easy to hop from one camp site/entry point to the next, or do you have to follow some logical order, due to distance/transport restrictions?

All advice welcome! Reply to this

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