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honeymoon help!

Anyone have suggestions about a European honeymoon in late August/early September?
13 years ago, June 14th 2006 No: 1 Msg: #6181  
Hi, all-

This is my first post. I am a grad student in the U.S. (Seattle) and will be getting married in mid-August. We hope to go on a honeymoon in late August or early September, and need advice about where to go! Since I'm a student and my fiance is a regular worker drone (we're only in our mid-twenties), we want to make money go a long way. We should have some help with the honeymoon money so that will help a lot.

I study East Asia and have spent a lot of time traveling in China, Korea and Japan, but have only been to Europe once in high school- a two-week trip to Austria and Italy. My fiance did a term of study abroad in London and spent time traveling around the UK (a lot of time in Scotland) and loved it, and would really like to introduce me to the place. I'm not against the idea at all (and I have friends in both London and parts of Scotland) but am worried about costs. I am taken with the idea of Eastern Europe: Prague and environs, or parts of Croatia or Slovenia. I've just always really wanted to go there. My dream is the Trans-Siberian, actually, but we won't have time...

Which brings me to the other problem: we will only have about a week (the 5-day week plus the two weekends). I have a lot of free time before school starts but my fiance will only be able to get minimal time off work. So we need to find somewhere affordable AND do-able in a short time.

Finally, where is the best weather in August/September? Wil lthe UK already be getting cool? We live in Seattle and so are not spoiled for weather, but some sun would be nice. (Hmmm...I have a friend in Cyprus, should I milk that?). Also, we would prefer independent travel but if there are any great, well-organized tour companies I would appreciate that information, too.

Thank you!!! Reply to this

13 years ago, June 15th 2006 No: 2 Msg: #6187  
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Congrats first of all... Honeymoon? There's only one place... Venice... Budget wise? Well, don't try to book yourself in the Venice, stay outskirt like Mestre, close enough... cheaper... Doesn't take much to go into Venice each day either. Hotel room 100euro, train into venice 3euro, a romantic experience with your wife in the most romantic place in the world... PRICELESS... LOL!!! Gotta do the gondola and get the guy to serenade. A bit pricy but hey, you only live once. Don't be shy and negotiate the price... They say 200euro? You say 80euro! Be a bit of a wit with them, it does help with what they charge you. If they like talking to you, somehow you get a better deal... Hope this help... somewhat :-) Areesa Reply to this

13 years ago, June 15th 2006 No: 3 Msg: #6188  
Whoops, I am the wife! Thanks for the advice, may not go to Venice since I've already been there (not a reason not to go again, but we'll see).

Keep the suggestions (and related advice about money, weather, etc.) coming!

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13 years ago, June 15th 2006 No: 4 Msg: #6192  
N Posts: 6
Hey Bonnie,

I´d like to help you planning your honeymoon. I´ve been all over Europe and since I´m a travel agent, I have access to all kinds of useful information for you. I like the Croatia idee, Eastern Europe is a good call if you don´t want to spend too much money and stay at a romantic place (castle hotel, lighthouse, yacht, whatever). Honestly, I am all into independent travelling. Especially for a honeymoon vacation, I would not like to hang out with a group of people and stop with the bus for a few minutes to jump out and take pictures millions of people have taken before, know what I mean. A honeymoon should be a unique experience for just you two, but doesn´t have to be pricey. Watching the sunset has always been for free (except of some crowded "insider" places in Spain, e.g. some beach on Ibiza).

About me: I am working on an independent travelling online travel agency and want to start my own business sometime this year. So what do I get out of planning a trip for you- for free !? I need "test travellers" to let me know whether everything worked out alright and what could still be improved (itinerary- and servicewise). I do it for free hoping you´ll send me some critical advice and maybe a few pics or even write a review once my page will go online. I have about 7 years of job experience as a travel agent here in Europe and planned quite a few very independent itineraries worlwide and so far, it all worked out. Anyhow, I will already start to look something up in general, I´m working out Eastern Europe ideas anyhow right now, so hit me up via email to let me know exact dates (in case you already know them) and maybe an approx. budget.

If my idea sounds fair to you, here´s my email: moonlightgirl80@aol.com

It´d be nice to hear from you guys.


PS: Have you ever considered goin to Germany by the way? Reply to this

13 years ago, June 17th 2006 No: 5 Msg: #6212  
Hi Bonnie,
Wow, that is a fairly wide scope you have there. As I'm sure you are aware, Europe has a ridiculously large number of things to see and do. I think your idea of Eastern Europe makes sense if money is tight. I have a couple of suggestions for you:

(1) Slovenia. A lovely country, good value, with great scenery. Best idea is to fly into the capital Ljubliana. Spend a few days there before going an hour or so north to Lake Bled. This is the prettiest spot in the world - a lake surrounded my Alpine mountains, with a little island in the middle with a church on it. You can hire a rowing boat to get out to the lake. Very romantic! I went there with my boyfriend one March and it was deserted, but apparently it does get a lot busier in the summer. However, there are loads of walks you can take from Lake Bled which soon take you away from the crowds. Lake Bohinj is a particularly nice spot (take a good map!). Also, the nicest little hotel in the world can be found there - the Pension Mayer (just google it). Excellent restaurant attached, and still half the price of anything you could get in Western Europe! (I always travel independently on a low budget, so I really do mean that it is good value! also very friendly staff).

(2) Hungary. The capital city Budapest is a stunning city, especially in good weather. Plenty to see and do, and lots of cheap food/drink. Also a great trip into the country for a couple of days is to head over to Eger in the east of the country. This is a wine growing region, where you can get the excellent "Egri Bikaver" red wine. You can also explore the "valley of the beautiful women" where there are many wine cellars to while away an evening! This is all assuming an interest in wine of course. But even without that it is a lovely country.

(3) to be honest, every country in Europe has something special to offer. If you have any other questions about particular places, then do post them up here. It is very likely that someone will have been there and can help. I will certainly try!

Best wishes from a very hot London,
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13 years ago, June 17th 2006 No: 6 Msg: #6222  
N Posts: 6
Hey Bonnie (and husband) lol

as I promised before, I already looked something up for you....

1) Budapest: staying at the charming little city hotel is about 50€ here, the return flights from/to Munich approx. 40€ each (giving you book a little in advance), romantic dinner at the Marquis de Salade 25€, 10 bus tickets 4,40€ and so on....I´d say, excluding the flight to Munich, Germany, that´s be doable for about 400 €, maybe some entrance fees included.

2) Trier: the oldest city of Germany at the romantic Moselle river: Trier is a must-do in Germany I´d say. Take a look at www.trier.de and click on the english version, look up "monuments" and get a first impression of the Porta Nigra, the colosseum, the roman baths....Trier is Rome in small (and older!), not to mention that the side costs are of course cheaper. There are two hotels right next to the Porta Nigra, the major sight, but I would suggest to go for a more romantic one a little outside of the city and get a deal including a "wellness package", means entrance to the spa, massage, fango, all that good stuff. When it comes to dining, there are affordable nice little places at the stunning old-town as well as more expensive restaurant, e.g. looking over the Moselle river. Which takes me to the next point, Bernkastel-Kues and the area. Not too far of a drive from Trier (in August I´d rent a convertible in order to enjoy the wonderful scenery of vineyards and castles (almost every little town has one up the hill)...and very easy to drive. Bernkastel may be a little crowded by tourists, but the little streets throughout the old-town with hundreds of photo-shot worthy little timbered houses is really a good call. You can go for a little cruise on the river, only about let´s say 5€ each, the entrance fees are okay and you can have lunch or dinner at the castle. Also I know a castle where you can join a medieval dinner once a month, maybe that is something you´d like to do. There´s a nice old wine tavern with historical furnishing. Double rooms between 80 and 120 € a night, but they are well-invested in an unforgettable stay. An ideal starting point to explore the wonderful area between Traben-Trarbach and Koblenz. Here´s a link with some nice impressions of the Moselle River Highlights: http://www.mosel-reisefuehrer.de/moselhighengl/moselhighlightsengl.html

Oh, a little more than I intended to write...but this is all very close to where I live, Trier and the Moselle that is. I know every little town there and if you´re looking for something cheap but comfortable, I know a few people who rent out little appartments and then I tell you where to spend the money you saved, e.g. at that medieval dinner. Maybe I even give a free city tour through Trier for you as a personal guide for "my" Germany visitors lol

So once you wanna get more precise, and I highly recommend do do so, at least with the flights if you need good deals, you guys know where I am. It helps to have someone in Europe who speaks a few languages because you may get a better deal than if you just email these places. Plus, a lot of bed and breakfast places or small romantic hotels are owned by the same people who take care of their vineyard and so on, meaning they don´t check their email regularly due to a lack of time- or the old people may not have access to the internet yet.

Now I have to go though, so let me know when you come up with new ideas or maybe you like one of the above...don´t matter. It´s fun for me to help you, trust me ;-)

Your "German travel agent"
Silke Reply to this

13 years ago, June 18th 2006 No: 7 Msg: #6237  
N Posts: 2
first of all, my congratulation!!!!
I think one of the best places to stay for a honeymoon is the South of Italy.
For example sleeping in a trullo(the typical houses there with a strange cone form) i something you'll do only one time
in your life and what's the better occasion as a honeymoon!!!!!
Have a look here for this trulli and you'll change your mind.
Reach this place is really easy from London to Brindisi or Bari or you can plan to Roma or Napoli(Neaples) and than with a rent car reach this place called Cisternino(a charming a pitoresque little city).

I advice you this because I'm already working with an agency in England that organizes the wedding party in the South of Italy. That's why I can say to you, it's the perfect place to have a honeymoon!!!!

This house is still free from 26 august to 8 September or from 16 September is always free!!! The weekly for the entire Cottage is for TRULLO EDERA € 500,00 (august € 600,00)



The weather is perfect in that period and you would also o to the beach!!!!

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13 years ago, June 24th 2006 No: 8 Msg: #6318  
N Posts: 1
Well, first of all, congrats on the upcoming nuptials! I, too, recently got married! 😊 My husband and I are on a very tight budget, also, but for our honeymoon, we wanted an experience we would remember, and I'm happy to say - we got it! If you figure what you're going to end up spending for a week in Europe, you're probably going to be looking at round $3,000/pp. And we looked at it this way... it's the only honeymoon we intend to have, so we while we wanted to keep the cost down, we also wanted to do it right and I think we found our happy medium. We booked with Across the Pond Tours and did their Stately Estates tour, which was phenomenal! It was top-class all the way. Here's a link if you're interested... They've got all these unique theme tours, or you can design your own tour for what you really want to see. And best of all, YOU DON'T TRAVEL IN A GROUP! That was important to us.

Another option, to keep costs down is a cruise. I've been on a few, and not to bad mouth any of them, but I would definitely not take one on Carnival. Best bets for cruises are either Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, or Princess Cruises.

Best of luck, have a blast, and enjoy this very special time in your life!! 😊
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