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Do not stay in KGH hotels!!!

Do not stay in KGH hotels!!! I stayed at 2 of their hotels, Buddha Maya Gardens and Maruni Sanctuary Lodge. Such lousy service! Cheaters!
11 years ago, May 25th 2009 No: 1 Msg: #73852  
I went to Nepal this April and happened to stay in 2 of KGH, Group of Hotels and Resorts. One was Buddha Maya Gardensin Lumbini and the other was Maruni Sanctuary Lodge in Chitwan.

Their service was really bad! When I left the first hotel, the manager did not even schedule a bus for us to get to the next hotel as he promised the night before we left. The 2-3 hours direct bus trip became 6 hours because I had to transfter local bus 3 times! Thank god that I traveled with my Nepalese friend so I found the way to my next destination! Can you imagine that you a foreigner be left alone there?

The 2nd hotel was really far, 20 minutes drive from the major scenic area. We got there late around 7 pm and couldn't find another hotel to stay because it was Nepalese New Year. Again, I had to pay for taxi to get there. The manager said that his price was high but it included a free art show. When we came to him after loading our luggage, he said it was late for the show. Again, this place failed to keep their words! I traveled the whole day under the hot sun. I was really tired and needed a shower but there was no hot water that night and no phone to call for service!

In both of the hotels, they charged high prices for food comparing to local reastaurants but they were not willing to provide high quality food! Only simple selections and the fruits were not even fresh! At Maruni Sanctuary Lodge, they only give you one choice, despite they did got a menu! Everything was out of order.

I am still very upset now when I think of those hotels after I returned for 1 month.

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