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Exploits of travel

What has happened that was more than a little exciting on a trip.
10 years ago, May 8th 2009 No: 1 Msg: #72401  
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I will start. When I was 15 I went on a wider opportunity with the Girl Scouts into the Bush of Quebec. They boated us about 10 miles in and said - see you in a week. We trained with canoes and did one short trip. Then they brought us more food and said, see you in another week. We did over 100 miles of lake canoeing that week, but my adventure was not over with that.

Before I had left my mother and I had discussed their vacation. They were going on vacation for 2 weeks and I always loved to go with my family, but 4 weeks of camping was a bit much. So we decided that a week after I left they would start on their vacation and pick me up at the airport in Regina. (We live about 150 miles south in Montana.) This was all fine, except they were supposed to pick me up on Saturday at the airport, not Sunday.

My plane was late, so when no one was there - I figured they would be later. By 11pm my hope was gone. We were supposed to stay at the home of a friend that night. I knew there son, my folks knew them. I knew the last name was Stevenson - but do you know how many Stevensons there are in Regina phone book? And my folks were in a campground somewhere. I had stayed there over night on the way up. I knew it was near the fairgrounds, as we had walked to the fair. So I caught a cab and went in search of the house. We drove around blocks and finally found the house, paid the cab, walked around back and it was the wrong house. Started to panic, but then I remember almost walking into a house just like it a block down from it. I can do this. Walked down a block and there was another house just like it, but it had a high wooden fence around the backyard - not the right house either.

These two guys in an old beater car, with blue smoke coming out the tail pipe drove up and asked me if I needed help throwing my pack over the fence. "No, I am at the wrong house." "Are you lost?" And before I could think about it answered, "Yes." Dumb thing to say!

"This street is .... and that street is ...." I didn't know the streets. Oh and at one point he says, "You can trust us, we are not perverts." Right..... "That's ok, I think I recognize the house across the street. Thanks anyways," and they finally drove off.

Walked down a second block to find the right house, but no one was home. 'Bars close at 2am, maybe they will be home then.' I said to myself trying not to be frightened. (I didn't know they didn't drink.) So I took my sleeping bad and rolled it out under the shade of the hedge. I had found out that if you are in a shadow, people who are looking for you won't see you, so no one would see me there who happened to walk by. Said a prayer and the next thing I knew it was a little before 6am and no one was home yet, and did I have to go!

Let's take assessment, 15, alone, strange city and strange country. I think I need to call the police at this point. I am not going to cry! Bundled things up and found a phone booth. "Hi, my name is Lee Ann and I'm lost," as the tears started to flow uncontrollable. They came and put me in a foster home for the afternoon until my folks showed up.

I actually felt worse for my mother. I knew I was ok, she didn't and when she realized her error... It was that bad for her. She had opened the paper to see if they were on time for the plane and could not speak for a full 5 minutes. All she could think was, 'I gave her an emergency $20 and she can get a room for that.' She almost killed me when I handed the money back to her. LOL Reply to this

10 years ago, August 26th 2009 No: 2 Msg: #84306  
I had my arm burned by a stick in two places and poison scraped from the back of a sweating frog put into both of them, going straight to the bloodstream, while staying with a remote tribe in the Amazon.

After 6 months living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I got robbed on my last night. With no money or cards I had to sell my watch to one of the customs officials to pay the airport tax and made it with a few minutes to spare.

I walked for 3 weeks through the mountains and jungles of West Papua on the island of New Guinea with just a local villager to carry my bag and show me the way, staying in local people's huts along the way.

I met Mentawai shamans with full body tattoos and teeth sharpened into fangs on the island of Siberut in Indonesia.

I spent a week traveling with indigenous nomadic reindeer herders by reindeer sleigh in the Russian Arctic.

I walked for two days through jungle and mountains on the island of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu before coming to a village where everyone, clothed only in loincloths made from tree bark, gathered together and sung me a welcome song.

Out of 200 people I was the only one wearing clothes at a 5-hour long tribal dance in the village of Ratap, Pentecost Island, Vanuatu, celebrating the opening of a new men's meeting house.

I spent 5 days on the island of Fais in the middle of the Pacific Ocean 1000 miles east of the Philippines. 2 miles long and 1 mile wide it has a population of 300 who live a very isolated existence and wear only lengths of cloth wrapped around their waists.

Anti-government rebels attempted to kidnap me in the mountainous interior of Mindoro, an island in the Philippines.

Again in the Philippines I was the first outsider to visit an isolated tribal community.

In the North Philippines I arrived in one valley to find tribal war raging and the inhabitants armed to the teeth with M16s, Uzis, shotguns and pistols. I couldn't leave until the next day as there was only one trip per day by the 6 wheel drive ex-military vehicle that served the area as public transport.

Ravaged by malaria I rode many miles through the taiga forests of Northern Mongolia on the back of a reindeer to get to the nearest doctor.

I cycled 600km from Lithuania across Belarus and into Russia on my own with just a tent and a few possessions in my bag.
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10 years ago, August 26th 2009 No: 3 Msg: #84309  
I had a hole drilled through my leg - without anaesthetic - after i smashed my pelvis into pieces while illegally snowboarding on a Bulgarian army base. Dead Leg (1)
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10 years ago, August 26th 2009 No: 4 Msg: #84312  
I was in a cafe having breakfast after being pestered by safari touts on my first day in Nairobi. An English doctor came in with her boyfriend and came over to my table and sat and chatted for a while. I was supposed to be going to Tanzania, but I ended up in a remote village in the North of Kenya where the doctor was working for 2 years. The hospital there did not have a doctor, so she was teaching the medics and nurses to perform medical emergencies. She even found a Dutch surgeon someplace who went to the village for a couple of days and showed her how to do C-Sections. She then showed the medics and nurses how to do the C-sections. And I thought giving birth in Europe is scary.....

I stayed in that village for a few days and then went to Uganda which is closer to that part of Kenya than Tanzania. There was a civil war raging in Uganda and the safety instructions I was given were confusing and they could change from day to day. So, I went to an island on a rickety boat and stayed there for over a week, to avoid the war.

All in all that trip turned out to be a whole lot different to what I had planned. Reply to this

10 years ago, August 30th 2009 No: 5 Msg: #84665  
EdVallance...Wow!!! Sounds absolutely awesome Reply to this

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