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I just can't decide!! =/

Should I take my compact P&S or DSLR?????
13 years ago, April 14th 2009 No: 1 Msg: #69449  
I'm doing some traveling at the end of the year for 4.5 months. Traveling through SE Asia and China mostly by land. I just can't decide what camera I'm going to take!! =(

I have a Canon 400d DSLR and a Canon Ixus 90IS.

Pros of the DSLR: I can utilize the settings and take great shots, I'm a real fan of night photography so this includes long shutter speed photos.

Cons of the DSLR: Size/weight, having to carry it around, risk of it getting stolen/broken.

Pros of P&S: Tiny, can slip it into my pocket. Waterproof casing can take it anywhere.

Cons of P&S: Final image just can't compare =(

If I was to take the DSLR I would take the P&S (with waterproof casing) as well because there are certain situations I would not want to use the DSLR.

I want to get great photo's to remember my travels by but I don't want to spend a great chunk of my day trying to get that 'perfect shot' and it meaning I'm only seeing these countries through the viewfinder.

Have you had the same dilemma? What did you chose? Reply to this

13 years ago, April 14th 2009 No: 2 Msg: #69491  
B Posts: 57
Take the SLR. I traveled for 6 months in 2008, actually with my Canon 400d, and I have no regrets whatsoever. For an invaluable sense of security, I insured my camera on my parents' home owners insurance. It covered all damage and theft and it was only $50 USD for the full six months. My focus ring broke at one point in South Africa, I got it fixed for about $120, and they fully reimbursed me within a few days. When I look through my amazing pictures, I wonder why I ever even considered not bringing the SLR.

Another suggestion I have, especially if you're interested in night shots, is to get a gorillapod for your trip. Reply to this

13 years ago, April 14th 2009 No: 3 Msg: #69532  
Well that was my next question, tripod! Wow, I didn't realise you could get a gorillapod that supported the weight of an SLR (WITH a zoom lens as well!) I think I'm sold on the idea now! Thanks JJ!

I have a remote so this would be perfect for taking some shots that I could actually be in! Although standing a couple of meters away from my camera might not be the best idea.... Reply to this

13 years ago, April 15th 2009 No: 4 Msg: #69565  
B Posts: 18
You may want to take both. In some poor/urban you may not feel comfortable with an expensive camera around your neck and keeping a small p&s in your pocket is useful for taking quick pictures. Reply to this

13 years ago, April 15th 2009 No: 5 Msg: #69740  
I would agree with Andrew's statement above. When my wife and I travel we always bring the small camera too. Its so easy to travel with that it doesn't really add to the overall weight/bulk.

While I think the DSLR Gorilla Pod isn't a bad idea, it does limit your ability to place the camera at different heights. I carried a Gitzo tripod with me throughout the world. When on planes and in buses/trains I put the tripod inside my big pack. It only adds aout 5 pounds which I found to be no problem. Reply to this

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