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Lightweight backpacking tripod

Does anyone have recommendation for a good trekking/backpacking tripod?
13 years ago, April 11th 2009 No: 1 Msg: #69172  
I have looked at a few, and the one I'm considering is the Feisol 3441SB with CB-30C Ball Head, Center Column, QP-144750 Plate and a Tripod Bag. Does anyone have experience with this one? Can it fit into a backpack/large daypack?

Kind regards,

Karsten Reply to this

13 years ago, April 12th 2009 No: 2 Msg: #69248  

I have not used any equipment by Feisol so, unfortunately, can't provide you with any information. I personally use Gitzo tripods because they are lightweight carbon fiber and very sturdy. Gitzo Website

I am presently eying an expensive upgrade to Really Right Stuff ball heads. I have found the Gitzo ball head is difficult to get set up correctly. It tends to sink after it is tightened.: Really Right Stuff

Mike T. Reply to this

13 years ago, April 14th 2009 No: 3 Msg: #69492  
B Posts: 57
I always suggest getting a gorillapod. They are PERFECT for backpacking!

http://joby.com/products/gorillapod/ Reply to this

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