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Have you volunteered as a physiotherapist in SA?

hospital Viedma and others...
8 years ago, January 22nd 2009 No: 1 Msg: #61032  
N Posts: 24
Im looking for people's experiences when volunteering at hospital Viedma. im intending to volunteer there for 8 week this year however, i have to 'donate' around £900(ic!).

Have you volunteered there? or anywhere else (and without a fee!!).
I really want to 'give' my hands to the local community but i feel £900 is sharp...(although the cheapest i could find). Do you think i could just walk in any hospital and offer my skills?

Many thanks

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8 years ago, January 22nd 2009 No: 2 Msg: #61040  
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I don't know about hospital Viedma, but while doing volunteerwork in Cusco (Peru) last year I had several friends who were working as physiotherapists there (part of internship or voluntary). Don't know exactly how it works with internships but for doing volunteer work in Cusco (everybody is accepted, no matter which project you apply for and all cost the same) I paid about 200 euro's (well actually I got a package deal; 3 months living in an appartment in Cusco, 1 month of Spanish lessons and 2 months of volunteer work. Don't know how much the volunteering is, but I can't imagine it having cost any more)

Some of my friends who were volunteering were very happy about their placements, though most struggled with the huge differences between their own country's and Peru. Also, since they were only there for a short amount of time, they usually weren't given responsible tasks (the kind of tasks their qualifications would normally give them) but instead were asked to help with the daily care of their patients. Still, it's a good experience.

I had the same problem trying to find volunteering opportunities last year (I searched hard, really hard. The one I found in Cusco turned out to be the cheapest.) Basically they want volunteers but for longer periods of time, who already know some Spanish, are qualified and who take their jobs seriously. Once you're in SA you can show them you'll all that and they'll probably hire you (and if not, let you work there for free. I've had soo many job offers in SA it was crazy!) That being said, it really depends on the country you want to work in and how 'desperate' they are. Getting a volunteerjob in Chile will be much harder than getting one in Peru for instance. Reply to this

8 years ago, January 22nd 2009 No: 3 Msg: #61041  
B Posts: 74
Ooh I see now you're question is about Bolivia. I think you can just walk into any hospital and offer your skills. 😊 I wouldn't pay £900 for it. Reply to this

8 years ago, January 22nd 2009 No: 4 Msg: #61045  
N Posts: 24
Thanks Hester,

Yeah that s kind of what i had been thinking...i really want to help and volunteer but considering recession...etc...it s making it very steep for me !
So i feel i may follow your advice and knock on a few doors...Would you mind PM me some places that you know about in Peru?

take care and thanks

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8 years ago, January 23rd 2009 No: 5 Msg: #61132  
B Posts: 74
You should. As far as I know Bolivia (lived there for 4 months last year) and Peru (3 months) it should work. Actually know a couple of friends who did it that way, and they were easily accepted (one of my friends was actually invited to do all sorts of short-term archeological work in Peru, including Machu Picchu. all she did was knock on the door of the national museum, telling them she was a history student who wanted to contribute)

Sure. Just check your inbox. 😊 Reply to this

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