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Gorilla Trekking: Ask and answer questions and chat about gorilla trekking here.

Did you go gorilla trekking? If so, did you see the gorillas? How long did it take your guide to find them? Did you have any disappointing treks where you did not find any gorillas? Which country did you go gorilla trekking in? How much did the permit cost? What time of the year was it and what were the weather conditions like? Please share any other advice and tips and links to your blogs about your gorilla trekking experience.
26 months ago, May 4th 2017 No: 21 Msg: #200825  
We always organize gorilla trekking tours in Uganda and Rwanda but i would say the rwanda gorilla trekking experience is way awesome compared to the one of Uganda because of short distances involved. If you would definitely want to break a big sweat then you should consider Uganda else if your physique is low then Rwanda is ideal. Both destinations are indeed good for mountain gorilla trekking. Reply to this

26 months ago, June 2nd 2017 No: 22 Msg: #201185  
For all you gorilla trekkers who had their experiences in Rwanda and dream of coming back, be ready to cough $1500 for a gorilla trekking permit. Rwanda gorilla tours have become extremely expensive but again worth the money :-). Reply to this

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