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Blogs about your country of citizenship

Do you read the blogs about you country of citizenship? If so, what do you think about the opinions the bloggers give. Are they accurate? If so, in which ways? If not, in which ways? What do you wish they would notice more about your coutry and what do you wish they would notice less? Do you feel that the bloggers who blogged about your country have got to know your country during their visit?
11 years ago, November 5th 2008 No: 1 Msg: #53587  
I have not yet read any blogs about Ireland. I will give my opinion after reading a few.

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11 years ago, November 8th 2008 No: 2 Msg: #53910  
I like reading people's impressions of Montreal. Most tourists notice the European feel, and wander around the Old Port, go shopping downtown and get a photo from the Chalet on the mountain (or hill). Or they feel completely lost, get frustrated with the French language or the crazy drivers and wonder why people rave about Montreal. Either way, I feel like they miss out on the real Montreal.

The little things I love about Montreal often are not noticed by non-locals, such as the diversity of the people; the unique mix of languages and cultures that result; the abundance of cafés; the mix of architecture; the trees, staircases and bike paths in the Plateau; the festivals that last all summer; the first day of spring and the joyous mood that engulfs the city; the quirky sense of directions giving us sunrise on the South Shore.

I wish that tourists would be more careful when crossing the roads (yes, we have crazy drivers and therefore jaywalking is an art), and don't whistle or yell "taxi!" for a taxi! I also recommend asking for help with directions or recommendations if you need it. We will stop and help if you ask. And explore other parts of the city rather than just downtown...try the Plateau, for example, or go in search of micro-brewery beers or try a new ethnic cuisine. You'll come away with a better impression and come closer to knowing Montreal.

As far as the rest of Canada, I'm still exploring it myself!!! Reply to this

11 years ago, November 8th 2008 No: 3 Msg: #53931  
B Posts: 38
Of course I am interested in reading what other bloggers have to say about my native country Indonesia, especially those of Java blogs.

Indonesia is a beautiful (and especially exotic, for most westerners) destination, but really, reading several blogs that have different perspectives about it really opens up my mind about Indonesia - because growing up there, I unfortunately took things for granted - the beautiful rice paddy scenery, dotted green islands in blue ocean, diversified cultures, delicious food, and rugged ocean shorelines are just another daily life for the most of us.

And I completely understand what these bloggers sometimes have to complain about the country, because I certainly understand both cultures (west and east), and it is somewhat entertaining to read some frustrations and funny stories - squat toilets, police/immigration bribes, spicy food, minaret wake-up calls at 4am, naughty monkeys, to name a few 😊

Quite honest, prior to discovering travelblog, I have no interests in being a tourist at my own city. Well, I thought, what is the point of exploring the city you grew up/live your whole life - but a couple of Indonesian blogs re-introduced me to the love of exploring Indonesia. After that, I always have interests in exploring my current cities - Rome (Italy) and Atlanta (USA), the other two places I have an opportunity to live in.

Although most of the Indonesian blogs are from Bali, a beautiful yet overrated place IMHO, there are more places in Indonesia to explore.

I even bought the LonelyPlanet Indonesia to read and to compare - and I learn quite a bit about the place (and the culture!!!). I discover MANY places and things that they didn't even mention in the book. I was quite disappoited, and even had a thought to employed by LP to explore and re-write some parts of their book, hahaha. That would be a dream job, if somebody paid for my expense and time in exploring some 17,000 islands and 300 cultures of Indonesia. Reply to this

11 years ago, November 9th 2008 No: 4 Msg: #53942  
B Posts: 24
Intesting question. I have read some blogs about India. They are always interesting to read. When I think of India and think of what makes it different from say the USA, the things that come to mind are : people and more people, heat and dust, mosquitoes, colorful saris, beggers, filthy streets as contrasted with 5 star hotels, street urchins, starry nights, chaotic and noisy traffic . There are so many things unique to India. What is interesting is that there are lotta people out there who have visited India and liked it in a way they would not like any other place and then there are some who were shocked by all the culture shock India has to offer. Western tourists in India are mainly limited to states of Rajasthan, Delhi and the Taj Mahal. I think the impressions these tourists carry are pretty genuine reflecting the reality of India. But it is seeing India from their point of view which makes reading these blogs an interesting excercise😊 Reply to this

11 years ago, November 15th 2008 No: 5 Msg: #54637  
Great question!

i read travelblogs and to see varying accounts and opinions of places, as this is the beauty of blogs, as opposed to the tourist brouchures. One persons experience of a beautiful, exciting place will be another's hatred of a over-priced, comercialised tourist trap.
Someone might meet freindly people and see hidden sides, another may get mugged and spend time with grumpy police.

So long as everyone keeps putting their own TRUE and HONEST experiences and opinions online, blogging is an important aspect of travel.
Viva el Blog!

I'm off to read blogs of London - my home town - should be interesting!!!! Reply to this

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