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Visa Situation in Indonesia

Can you get on arrival and can you get a multiple entry visa?
15 years ago, October 1st 2008 No: 1 Msg: #50459  
B Posts: 47
I plan to go to Sumatra, then back to Thailand and then on to Bali and Komodo etc. Do any of you know if I can get a a multiple visa on arrival or if I need to do it another way (ie 2 single visas).
GWK Reply to this

15 years ago, October 3rd 2008 No: 2 Msg: #50628  
When I went 2 years ago you could only get single entry 30 day visa on arrival. I don't think you can even get a multiple entry tourist visa at an embassy or consulate before arriving in Indonesia. They have social visas that are multiple entry but you need a sponsor. Why do you need a multiple entry if you are leaving for Thailand in the middle of your Indo trip?

You might be able to get a 60 day visa at the Indo embassy in BK but it is still single entry. Reply to this

15 years ago, October 3rd 2008 No: 3 Msg: #50657  
30 day on entry 60 days i believe if you get from outside Indo embassy. then you need to leave.

If you can get a social visa which now is good for 5 months lots of hoops look for a travel agent that specilizes in Indo for your best info. Visas are very frustrating here in Indonesia I got lucky got good advise before I got here and secured a social visa before I i arrived here.

Good Luck and paiticence! Reply to this

15 years ago, October 3rd 2008 No: 4 Msg: #50697  
B Posts: 47
Thanks for the replies. I was planning on doing Sumatra then out of Indonesia to Malaysia, Thai and singapore then from Singapore to Bali. I'm guessing this will count as a multiple entry and pose a problem?

I look 4ward to hearing your advice once again
G Reply to this

15 years ago, October 3rd 2008 No: 5 Msg: #50706  
No problem with your plan. You'll get a 30 day single entry visas on each arrival. Many people do some sort of "visa run" after the initial 30 days expire. Just be extremely careful with your entry/exit dates because when you leave they will meticulously count your days in country and it is $25 for each day of overstay.

Jon Reply to this

15 years ago, October 10th 2008 No: 6 Msg: #51385  
Hi GWK1,

You can get a 60 day visa in your home country ( you have up to 3 months from date of application to enter Indonesia where you will then get your 60 day stamp) or at one of the countries close to Indonesia like Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore. I have received 60 day visas from both Singapore and Penang in 2006 without any problems.
Usually takes about 3 days and you will need a passport that has at least 12 months left on it, two passport photos, photocopy of the first page of your passport and money to pay for the 60 day visa.
Make sure you are well dressed to apply for the 60 day visa in places like KL. There have been many cases over the years where scruffily dressed travellers have been refused visa application.

Since last year 2007 one has been able to get 60 day visa with the same number as the social visa no. 211. This simply means that NOW you are able to extend your 60 day visa in Indonesia at 30 days a time up to 4 times nowadays giving you a total of 6 months in my favourite country.
The one thing you will need is an Indonesian person who will sponsor you to get the extension ( no cost to them, but I believe it would be a nice gesture on the part of the traveller to give the Indonesian person at least 100,000 rupiah for their help).
Legal cost of the extension is 250,000, but you will find corruption is still alive and kicking in Indonesia particularly North Sulawesi and Bali where it will cost a lot more.
Also be aware you will need to go to major cities to their Immigration offices to apply for extension.

Re: counting your days- you must count the first day as one dayeven if you arrive at one minute to midnight and the same when your 60 days is due to expire.
Suggest you organise your extension or at least enquire about it at least two weeks before the 60 days expires.

My suggestion would be to stay in Indonesia- do Sumatra and then travel down to Bali or fly from Medan to Jakarta to Bali.
From my point of view and experience you will have such a memorable experience doing Sumatra and then doing Java/Bali immediately after- the comparsion of the places will be mind blowing.

Leaving and going back into Indonesia will lose a lot of that impact besides the fact it will be costly.
Would love to know where you plan on going to in Sumatra- one of my favourite areas - have been there so many times and spent 3.5 months there in 2006.

Aceh- i.e. Ketambe is definitely worth a visit and then bus ride up through Aceh to Banda aceh stopping off in Takengon is great too. And Pulau Weh off Banda Aceh.
Java is wonderful as well- lots of temples Borobudur in Central Java and great places like Gunung Bromo and Kawah Ijen East Java.
If you have anymore questions and would like to contact me personally just send a PM and that applies to anyone else who would like more information.

Pamela (who has visited Indonesia 8 times since 1997 and had two long trips 4 months in 2000 and 5.5 months in 2006.) Photos from 2006

Reply to this

15 years ago, October 11th 2008 No: 7 Msg: #51399  
Chuck Miser,
Just read your post and I am not sure if you are still in Indonesia, but it is not necessary anymore to get a social visa if you wish to stay 6 months. You can extend your 60 day visa as I have mentioned above and it is far better than the social visa which basically required yuo to stay put in the same area.
Travelling throughout Indonesia on a social visa was impossible because you had to report to the SAME immigration office every 30 days to extend your visa.
With the introduction of extending the 60 day visa one can travel throughout the country and go to any immigration office in any major city in Indonesia for the extension as slong as yuo have an Indonesian person who will sponsor you.
Pamela Reply to this

15 years ago, October 11th 2008 No: 8 Msg: #51401  
Thanks for the update! I am still in Indo and I haven't seen my passport in 4 months as it is haveing a seperate vacation in the immigration office. :-) Reply to this

15 years ago, October 11th 2008 No: 9 Msg: #51429  
Wow, you are taking such a risk not having your passport with you- that is a legal requirement in Indonesia to always have your passport with you.
What do you do when you book into accomodation? You are meant to show your passport when registering to stay somewhere. Then that information is passed onto the police.

In 2000 I was staying in the remote village of Muara Labuh in West Sumatra- 4 hrs by bus from Padang and because my homestay owner had not taken my details and passed them onto the police in the area- I was picked up by the police whilst travelling around on the back of a motorbike.
Thank God I had my passport with me and that my travelling companion came from West Sumatra or I would have had to pay so much money even though it was not my fault.
Even with my passport, and an Indonesian guide travelling with me I had to report to the police station every day for the remainder of my trip.
These days when I arrive in that village I immediately head to the police station to register - I no longer stay at the homestay prefering to stay with my 'adopted' Indonesian grandmother Mumma who has a rice farm near the village.

In Painan West Sumatra I have also been asked by the police to show my passport.

I hope and pray you are never in that position and the police see your lack of opportunity to relieve of some of your money.

By the way where are you now and where have you been- I am most interested as I love the country and long to be back there now. Sadly have to wait until atv least June next year to return.
Pamela. Reply to this

15 years ago, October 15th 2008 No: 10 Msg: #51706  
In the previous post above I omitted to mention you will also need copies of tickets into and out of Indonesia to apply for a 60 day visa. Pamela Reply to this

15 years ago, October 15th 2008 No: 11 Msg: #51733  
I was going to apply for a 60 day visa in KL or singapore, I have a ticket booked out of Indonesia but planned to take the ferry across to arrive. Are the strict on having a ticket in? would a ferry ticket suffice? Reply to this

15 years ago, October 16th 2008 No: 12 Msg: #51752  
Hi cheetohs,
Yes, you need a ticket in because you are applying for a visa to go into the country. If you going to get a visa in KL you could probably get a cheap airfare with AirAsia into Medan North Sumatra or from Singapore TigerAirways have really cheap tickets from Singapore to Padang in West Sumatra.
But if you are trying NOT to use planes, then a ferry ticket should be ok- have never done that with the ferry.
Pamela Reply to this

15 years ago, October 16th 2008 No: 13 Msg: #51757  
Where would you get the ferry ticket if you are applying in KL? Are you taking the ferry from Penang or Singapore? There is also a ferry from Melaka (which is nice) to middle-of-nowhere-Dumai in Sumatra I suggest getting both the ferry ticket to Medan and visa in Penang. Penang is a nice place to hang around waiting for a visa although 2 years ago the visa was ready next day in the p.m. if you applied in the a.m.

Hey Pamela - this is Jon, we met at Bromo 2 years ago then again in Sumatra a couple of months later. Really miss Indonesia. I'll get back some day. Great to hear you can finally extend the visa. Take care. Reply to this

15 years ago, October 16th 2008 No: 14 Msg: #51759  
B Posts: 47
Hi all, thanks for your comments. Can you confirm if I can get a visa on arrival in Medan or if I need to get it prior to arriving in Medan.

I thought I could get on arrival but some comments are suggesting it needs to be done prior to arrival which could throw my plans esp if there is a wait whilst it is being done!

Thanks again
G Reply to this

15 years ago, October 16th 2008 No: 15 Msg: #51777  
Hey Jon,
Wow, Jon, great to hear from you. I remember you well- we shared a meal in Bukittinggi after meeting in Bromo. Always wondered where you had got to- no longer on TT.
I am still there and everywhere else as well. Have been back to Indonesia this year for short trip 27 days- West Java and North Sumatra and plan on going back next year in June for 60 days.
That 5.5 month trip I met you on was just the best- ended up in Ketambe Aceh and bussed it right up the centre of Aceh staying in Takengon, eating out in the street at midnight with about 300 Indonesian men. I eventually got to Pulau Weh which was great.
Spent heaps of time in Bukit Lawang and went to Tangkahan ( 2hr motor bike trip) and have not stopped posting about Tangkahan and now so many travellers do a trip there.

Sorry to get off the topic. You can qite easily get a 30 day Visa On Arrival at Medan Airport. My suggestion was to get a 60 day visa which you do have to get OUTSIDE Indonesia to save you money and time. But if your plans are such that you have to leave Indonesia on 30th day and go somewhere else and come back to get another 30 day so be it.
You cannot get a 60 day visa and go out early and come back in on it. Once you leave Indonesia the visa is lost.
Sorry if I confused you.
Pamela Reply to this

15 years ago, October 16th 2008 No: 16 Msg: #51778  
ahh i see, too bad, but thank you. I was looking forward to making the trip by ferry to singapore, but i wanted to get my visa in advance while in KL or penang. Guess ill have to book flights, crappy! Reply to this

15 years ago, October 16th 2008 No: 17 Msg: #51779  
from singapore** Reply to this

15 years ago, October 16th 2008 No: 18 Msg: #51790  
B Posts: 47
Thanks Pamela, (and everyone else) for your help.. Plus I'm glad my topic is re-uniting old travelling buddies ;-) Reply to this

15 years ago, October 27th 2008 No: 19 Msg: #52664  
Just wanted to let travellers know who have contacted me in the past at pamelajoyfuge@hotmail.com will be getting an email from me saying I am stranded in Africa.
Please ignore this- I am safe, happy and well here in Sydney Australia.

I have been duped and these people have my password.
Anyone wanting to contact me please contact me privately here and I will try to check here every day.
That hotmail address is still linked to this website, so I will not get the message in my email as I can no longer get into that email.
Sincerely Pamela. Reply to this

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