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Chinese Visas

Getting a Visa to go to China.
14 years ago, June 10th 2008 No: 1 Msg: #37945  
B Posts: 97
We have recently been rejected a visa for china because we didnt have all our accomodation and transport booked prior, we are travelling through from vietnam to Hong Kong and not sure what day or time we will cross the border or where we will cross it at. We provided a contact details for someone in Guangzhou, but they have refused us a visa anyway..

Anybody have any suggestions, anyboday experiencing the same problems

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14 years ago, June 10th 2008 No: 2 Msg: #37954  
Hello Scott 😊

I think a lot of people are having trouble getting a Chinese visa at the moment. It might make it easier if you dont go to China until the Olympics are over.

China imposes new visa rules for the Olympics.

Mel Reply to this

14 years ago, June 10th 2008 No: 3 Msg: #37957  
B Posts: 97
Thanks Mell,

Looks like we will have to fly from Hanoi to Honkers as we are booked to fly out of there in July.
We were going to travel overland Reply to this

14 years ago, June 11th 2008 No: 4 Msg: #38042  
We are experiencing similar problems. We will be traveling overland from Singapore to Sweden this summer and have also been told that in order to get a Chinese visa we need hotel bookings and evidence that we will be leaving China. We have booked hostels in the cities we plan to visit and have written on our application forms, which border crossings we plan to use. Unfortunately this means that if we do get the visas we will have to stick to a tight schedule on the China part of our trip. The other problem is that Chinese visas will now only be valid for one month from the date of issue, which means that we will only be able to apply four days before we leave Singapore. I will be heading to the embassy next week. Fingers crossed it will work out. Reply to this

14 years ago, June 11th 2008 No: 5 Msg: #38055  
B Posts: 97
Good Luck. We may try again in Hanoi, but now I understand they want to see bookings for travel also as well as accomodation...

I have read that foriengers are wasting there time trying to get a chinese visa in Hong Kong...
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14 years ago, June 11th 2008 No: 6 Msg: #38082  
OMG!!! boys and girls ... have we ever got a gong show story for you!!! $%#&*^ !!!!!!

we're in hanoi now and are trying to get our visa into china. outside the embassy there is a sign saying you need to have transportation in and out of the country, and the first nights accomodation booked before you can even apply. a bit annoying, because we like to just kinda go with the flow, but whatever, we really want to see china so we went ahead with it. we paid $312 for the train tickets from hanoi to beijing and another $139 for our flights from hong kong to malaysia and another $9 for deposit on a hostel in beijing. we showed up at the embassy today with the proper documentation and bells on ... and we were refused a visa!!! the conversation went like this:

visa man: "why are you in vietnam?"
t and k: "tourism"
visa man: "no! you cannot get a visa unless you work in vietnam"
t and k: (ummm????) "uh? sorry?"
visa man: "go to your own country!"

that was pretty much the end of it and we were dismissed (angry hand wave and all). we tried to explain that we're travelling for year and he wouldn't hear it. sooo ... we're not very happy right now. we're really pissed off because we went ahead to get all the stuff they require and NOWHERE does it say "do all this ... and we still might say no" ... soooo ... now we're out almost $500!!! we've sent an email to the embassy explaining our plight (as well as our own, not sure if they can help us). aargghhhh!!!!
we plan to go back tommorrow, cross our fingers and toes, and if that still doesn't work, we've been "told" (who knows what that means though!!!) that we can cancel the train tickets and pay a 20% penalty. aaaarrgghhh!!!! good luck guys! Reply to this

14 years ago, June 11th 2008 No: 7 Msg: #38101  
B Posts: 97
Thanks, We lost money too.. Nice that people can be warned.. I thought it was just because we are aussies and they were dirty we won all the swim medals when the china girls swabbed positive....

Oh well, you might still be in Hanoi when we get there,,,LOL

Have fun and thanks for the tip! Reply to this

14 years ago, June 11th 2008 No: 8 Msg: #38105  
We heard it was really difficult to get a Visa into China - we have organised a tour for 12 days to enter Shanghai, and leaving Beijing. http://www.intrepidtravel.com/trips/crf

Hopefully they will accept this since we have all the tour documentation and will have all the flights etc confirmed.

Anna - is there a website you can reference in regards to your statement "Chinese visas will now only be valid for one month from the date of issue" ? thank you 😊 Reply to this

14 years ago, June 12th 2008 No: 9 Msg: #38158  
When I went to the Chinese Embassy in Singapore a few weeks ago they gave me a piece of paper with the new rules on it. One of them was 'Single entry visas will now only be valid for 30 days from the date of issue'. They also gave me a copy of their new application form, which said the same thing. I wonder if the rules are the same at all the embassies though. Reply to this

14 years ago, June 12th 2008 No: 10 Msg: #38169  
B Posts: 71
From what I've heard, the Chinese embassys worldwise are just randomly refusing visas with no reason. I personally would just keep going back and hope you get a different person serving you at the counter. Better yet, get the full requirements in writing from a staff member, meet the requirements and go back to that same person to apply, they cant say much then. Reply to this

14 years ago, June 12th 2008 No: 11 Msg: #38178  
That is pretty much what I intend to do 😊 There is yet another problem though. I tried to book train tickets to Ulan Baator through several agencies including the official Chinese government one and they all say that the Chinese government has put a ban on selling international train tickets until September. This means that the best that I can do is to get a train ticket to Erlian, the border town. I'm just trying to gather as much evidence as possible to show that I plan to leave China, but I'm not sure that that will be enough. Reply to this

14 years ago, June 12th 2008 No: 12 Msg: #38205  
B Posts: 97
Good luck Anna,

I think if you turn up and you are genuine they should allow you to travel.

Keep in mind though China flies the Red flag and their culture demands that they appear in control of everything at all times.

With Earthquakes, flooding, landslides, Tibet, and not to mention the Olympics. I would say they have reason for concern about certain westerners entering the country. SOme may not just be innocent travelers like ourselves, I m sure some governments would be trying to take opportunity to be less than positive toward their future.

Unfortunately we live in that world now......

I did notice a visa for an Aussie was $30 and an American $170 - maybe tht tells you something..!!

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14 years ago, June 12th 2008 No: 13 Msg: #38206  
we went back to the embassy today and tried again ... and got the same guy. 😞 he was calmer today, and "explained" to us that unless we work in vietnam, they aren't issueing visas to china. sounds pretty stupid to us. we told him that we met all the requirements and booked the tickets and showed him proof and all that, but he didn't care and still refused the visa. we contacted our own embassy thinking they might help (because we're pretty pissed off about losing all that money), but they've said that the chinese embassy reserves the right to issue or deny visas to whomeever they choose.

sooo ... we've been able to refund our train tickets, but had to pay a 20%!f(MISSING)ee ($62), and can cancel the hostel in china and only lose $9, and are now working on malaysia airlines to change our flights ... hopefully this works out and we don't lose much more!!! its a nasty situation, but we're thinking that at least we won't lose all the money we put out.

we also emailed the chinese embassy and haven't heard back. we get it if they are making it hard for people to get into the country, but if they have no intention of issueing visas to anyone not workin in vietnam they really should include that on the notice board out front. it's not right that they expect you to meet all requirements and leave out that they will say no anyways!

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14 years ago, June 12th 2008 No: 14 Msg: #38210  
B Posts: 97
Sorry to hear Trev and Kristena, hope the rest of your journey is much more fun. I heard that same thing from the Hong Kong Embassy, I didnt know it had spread so far... I guess our chances are zip. Thanks for the post as you have clarified what some of us were already thinking..

So no china..!! where are you guys of to next??

Take care and dont forget to still have fun..!!!! Reply to this

14 years ago, June 13th 2008 No: 15 Msg: #38501  
B Posts: 97
Any news on the Visa?? Reply to this

14 years ago, June 14th 2008 No: 16 Msg: #38533  
Still working on the train ticket issue. Have you tried again? Reply to this

14 years ago, June 14th 2008 No: 17 Msg: #38534  
B Posts: 97
No, we are leaving tomorrow for Saigon, May try again when we get to Hanoi next month.

We now have a letter from a friend in Guangzhou thats says we are staying with them. Just need to show our transportation proposal. Perhaps fly Hanoi to Guangzhou.

Fully prepared for another rejection though.. We fly out of Hong Kong 16th July so we need to get there at least to come home.

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14 years ago, June 15th 2008 No: 18 Msg: #38611  
hey blonk, thanks for the consolation :D it really was a sore spot, but we've kinda just accepted it because .... not much else we can do! argh! no luck with malaysia airlines though, aparentlly we bought the cheapest tickets (i thought everyone always bought the cheapest tickets, no???) so no refund. grand total for our failed chinese visa mishap ... about $250. we're not having very happy thoughts about china right now, thats for sure!

next stop ... malaysia. we fly out wednesday afternoon. are you really going to try for the visa again in a month??? good luck!!! maybe it will be easier to apply in saigon?

happy travels! Reply to this

14 years ago, June 15th 2008 No: 19 Msg: #38612  
B Posts: 27
guys! why dont you wait until the Games are over????
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14 years ago, June 16th 2008 No: 20 Msg: #38726  
Hi there!
I accidentally hit your questions!
I am living in Shenzhen in China and hope to help you guys out with your visa (-questions)!

1. The reason you are being rejected for a visa in Vietnam, is that officially China has introduced the rule that we may not apply for a Chinese visa any more from a foreign country. However, lots of people apply for a visa in Hong Kong.

2. The schedule you have to provide the Chinese government for visa; who says you have to commit to that one?? If I were you guys, use your computer skills, make bookings, delete them again, book flight tickets, delete again, and there you are. China does not check them, it is just that they have the formal idea of where you are. However, if you can present them anything and then delete it all again, you are still able to travel freely!

3. If you can't get the visa in Vietnam or wherever you are; travel to Hong Kong. Maybe over budget and unexpected, but I think it is the best way if you really want to travel through China. In Hong Kong you may go to the Commissioner's Office (http://www.fmcoprc.gov.hk/eng/xwfw/gszxxw/t426104.htm) or China Travel Service. They can help you getting your visa. From Hong Kong there are many trains going into China.

4. Train travelling is still allowed into China, only not for foreigners. They don't want any foreigners to enter the country over land, they prefer you come by air. However, I have still been travelling between hong kong and China over land, so as you all know; Hong Kong is different as it is meeting with the Special Economic Zone; Shenzhen.

5. If you want to visit Tibet; forget it. I wanted it too myself, but no permits are given and there is a widespread silence concerning Tibet. I do not expect Tibet to open up before september.

Check the above site of the Commissioner's Office in Hong Kong, information is on there. If you want more info from people who have lots of experiences with Chinese visa, check www.geoexpat.com and search for 'China visa banned'. This thread is 50 pages long and if you quickly look over it there are many answers to find there.

Any more questions, just ask! I have lots of information on the Chinese visa and I will apply for one again next week...
I have been travelling on F (business) visa until now, but as it has become more strict to get a business one too, it is maybe needed to get a tourist one for me too....

Hope you guys still have a great trip!! Reply to this

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