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to thailand..

Going backpacking to Thailand for the first time and in need of some help & tips.
13 years ago, November 2nd 2005 No: 1 Msg: #3054  
So, im planning a trip to Thailand and more specific to the Islands in the gulf of Siam starting from Koh samui and continuing to Koh Phangan and Koh tao and any other that comes to my way.. Im planning on staying there for some months(3-5) with a budget of prox. 15 euros/(12dollars) a day, so i cant afford taking the most expensive choices..

So to the questions:
What is quality and quantity of accommondations there, is everything easy find and working? Is there any good activities diving, trekking or any other nice outdoorrelatedactivities within reasonable budget? Is it easy to travel between the islands? iS it easy to travel in the islands? And any other information is very welcomed..
Any help & tips are very welcomed and i really appreciate any help..

Thanks to all and peace! Reply to this

13 years ago, November 3rd 2005 No: 2 Msg: #3067  
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Well if you steer clear of the drugs, excessive booze and eat local food - your budget will be tight but possible.

Cheapest rates for rooms are 150baht ($4) - but you'll have to search around for that the average being 300baht ($8)

€10 is roughly $12 at the mo... so you have a little more to play with than you think.

Your biggest problem will be visas, the thai on entry visa is for 30days, so you'll have to do plenty of visa runs - these are costly.

My biggest problem would be bordem - I travel slow but 5 months on those tiny islands... I'd probably have had enough after about 6 weeks max (unless you dive). There are lots of cheap places in the region - with lots of variety and if you have a cast iron bottom and can survive the 24 hour bus journeys from hell you can get around cheaply too.

Hope that helps! Reply to this

13 years ago, November 4th 2005 No: 3 Msg: #3083  
Hey Elpasael - I agree with Ali don't just spend your time on the islands. I would thoroughly recommend getting up to Chang Mai & I've heard (not been but def will) Pai is out of this world. Think jungle, elephants and waterfalls... ahh I sit here in rainy London wistfully dreaming.... It might strip a little out of your budget but definitely do it

As for transport costs? Cheap if you know how to bargain so is the food it's just the booze et al that gets you, unless of course you can stomach the local whiskey (which is indeed rum!) Reply to this

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