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travel in brasil

internal flights in brasil!!
11 years ago, June 7th 2008 No: 1 Msg: #37659  
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I am travelling next week to brasil to visit a friend...he lives in belo horizonte, and my plane arrives to sao paolo...i want to ask if anyone knows whether i can find flights in the airport or do i have to buy in advance...i checked all the airlines of brasil n now they are expensive..its like 250 euros for a 1 hour flight....i want to ask if there r last minute tickets, and whether i can find planes in the airport....thank alot
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11 years ago, June 7th 2008 No: 2 Msg: #37671  
Hi Nafe

You can buy a ticket in the airport either directly at the airline or via a travel agent. They actually look for business and might ask you if you need a flight when you arrive. Internal flights are not cheap compared to European budget airlines. The cheaper flights also can take ages and can touch down 2 -3 times to pick up more passengers. When I wanted to fly from Ilheus to Manaus, the cheapest option was to fly down to Sao Paulo and then back to Manaus, which is a bit crazy.

Anyway, you can buy tickets at the airport and you should be able to find a flight. Just make sure that you shop around and ask how often you stop and how long it will take etc.


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11 years ago, June 8th 2008 No: 3 Msg: #37776  
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Thanks for the advice!!
yea i see its weird i went around all europe with really cheap tickets...i thought it would be the same in brasil...anyway thanx alot!! Reply to this

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