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From a hobby to a job

How many of you have transformed your passion for travelling into a paid job?
13 years ago, May 17th 2008 No: 1 Msg: #35525  
From reading some blogs on this website, I was wondering how some people could afford to travel so much/ so often - I suppose, there is in some cases, a professional explanation. How many of you do travel for work? How many have made out of their passion for travelling the world, their daily job (photographer, guide writer, journalist, etc?) ?
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13 years ago, May 17th 2008 No: 2 Msg: #35558  
I havent.
I suppose I learned how to manage my money well, so that is how I afford it.
When I was still working(before my daugher was born) I used to do overtime in return for more time off. The company was generally short staffed so there were always plenty of overtime opportunities.

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13 years ago, May 17th 2008 No: 3 Msg: #35570  
All right, I think I did not express my question in the right way... 😉
Here again:

I was just curious if any people on this website loved travelling so much that they had had the chance of making a job out of it. If so, what do you do for a living? Perhaps writing travel books, taking pictures as a professional, or writing articles? I'm personally studying to work in the publishing industry, and am aiming to work in the travel area (publishing travel books, travel stories etc) - and I'm very interested in discovering what other jobs you can find around the idea of travelling.
Does this seem clearer?
Thanks for you answer anyway, Mell! 😉 Reply to this

13 years ago, May 18th 2008 No: 4 Msg: #35620  
Maybe not exactly what you are getting at from me either, but, I am currently working as an English teacher, have spent time in India and just moved on to Thailand. I do have a 6or12month contract everywhere I go, but I get my weekends to really explore the country. And spending more time in one place means I really get to grips with local life, which I love 😊 Reply to this

13 years ago, May 18th 2008 No: 5 Msg: #35625  
Hi Catarinamaria,

I love to travel and have found a way of combining work with travel. I work as a travel consultant and have had many opportunities over the past 21 years to travel with my work in the form of educationals (all expenses paid). I love my work and will probably continue doing it until I retire.

I also did a travel photojournalist course a few years ago, but at this stage haven't done anything with it. A travel photojournalist writes articles about travel and submits the articles and photos to publications (magazines and newspapers etc).

Martina Reply to this

13 years ago, May 19th 2008 No: 6 Msg: #35722  

Found a great way, my clients are all over the world, so thanks to the internet, I could be working everywhere, anywhere...give me the feeling to be on holiday all the time, even if I'm actually working everyday. Thanks internet, it changed my life for the best. The next 4 months are going to be a nice example of this. I simply don't travel for work, I travel to enjoy...working on the way...it's such a small world... Peter Reply to this

13 years ago, May 19th 2008 No: 7 Msg: #35743  
I used to want to have a job that involved travelling. But then I though that there is no guarantee that I will get to travel just because a lot of people who do that job do.
I decided it would be better to study something that would pretty much guarantee me a job immediately and that would pay reasonably well so I could afford to travel, so I studied information technology.

I also met a lot of people who travel as part of their job. They hate the travelling aspect. Such a pity to ruin the travelling experience by having to do it so much for work. But maybe those people were not travellers in the first place. Maybe it would be different for those of us who love travelling.

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13 years ago, May 19th 2008 No: 8 Msg: #35759  
Re the people who have to travel as part of their job and hate doing it, as a corporate consultant, I have many clients who are constantly having to travel and I certainly don't envy them as they often only spend 2 or 3 nights in a place before moving onto the next and most of their time is spent in meetings.

Travelling in our job on the other hand is fantastic. We get to go on tours, stay in 4 and 5 star hotels, get invited to shows and dinners and often get a bit of time off to do our own thing. And from time to time, we're offered great deals to travel in our own time. My partner and I did a free 12 night Pacific Island cruise 18 months ago, so all I can say is bring it on!!!! Reply to this

13 years ago, May 20th 2008 No: 9 Msg: #35822  
Hi all,

This current journey I have embarked upon is partly in hopes of turning the journey into the job. My goal is to first explore products that are unique and can be imported back home for resale. In addition to that, my hope is to use those items as promotion for group tours to the countries providing the products. I'd also be interested in doing some writing, of which I have kept notes and journals. Assuming all goes well, my hope is to basically get paid to travel - either in searching new products of interest to people back home and not readily available in other venues and find more places that people are ready to visit under the guidance of someone who has scouted it out. Check back with me in the coming months after I return home (I'm on the end part of this journey) to see how successful I've managed to be.

I will say I can see both Mel's points and Martina's at the same time. Jobs that involve a lot of travel can be hard because even on this trip there are times I'm ready to not have to lug stuff around in unfamiliar territories and ready to be just around things that aren't exciting but comfortable. That said, I would see that many people who do travel for a living are doing it in the scenario Martina describes: 2-3 days in every location and it's all in structured meetings that have to be at as opposed to exploring and seeing what there is to see in the place they're at. If I had to do that, I'd quickly tire of the traveling routine too.

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13 years ago, May 20th 2008 No: 10 Msg: #35828  
I have recently started Travel Writing/Photography.
I have a few publications interested in my work. I have always looked at travel as something I wanted to turn into a job. I'm starting small, and have every confidence that this is a great move for me.
I hope this helps with your decision! Reply to this

13 years ago, May 20th 2008 No: 11 Msg: #35847  
I get both Martina's and Mell's point -
I agree with Mell, perhaps it is more reasonable to have a well paid job and to be able to escape a few times during the year... I personally have a partner whose job does not at all involve travelling, so I would not choose to travel a lot for work on my own - I prefer to back off financially and to escape from time to time. I think it's the best way, not to get tired of travelling and to wait for each trip with excitement and envy, because it is so rare!
As for Martina's point: I knew some people who used to travel A LOT for work - it is exactly as you say it: they get from the airport to the hotel, take part to a congress and then fly home, with no possibility of sightseeing... I suppose it depends completely on your job and employer. I know other friends of mine who travel a lot for work, their tickets and hotels get paid by the employer BUT they always have the possibility to take three or four days more and visit the place before going home... That's a good way to travel for cheap!

I personnally have chosen a sort of middle way - I'm aiming to work in an area related to travel, even I won't necessarily travel myself for work... I would like to work for a publisher specialised in travel guides and so on - an indirect way of travelling from my desk! Reply to this

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