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Looking for info on Bali
14 years ago, October 21st 2005 No: 1 Msg: #2945  
I\'m travelling to Bali in November and was wondering if anyone has been there and has any ideas for me of what to see do and where to eat?
The bombing does not scare me at all and I won\'t live my life in fear!

Kat Reply to this

14 years ago, October 22nd 2005 No: 2 Msg: #2946  
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I'm in Lombok (Gili Islands) at the moment. Bali is quite a large island, with a lot of things to do.

Kuta (scene of bombing) is best for surfing and partying.
Lovina - relaxing on a beach.
Padangbai - is a surprising place where people end up staying, black volcanic beach and lots of high waves.
Ubud - cultural capital, lots of temples, dancing and art.

So - what are you looking for? Reply to this

14 years ago, October 22nd 2005 No: 3 Msg: #2947  
Well we're staying for 12 nights and are in Tanjung Benoa. We have 5 free tours that will take us around the Island. I'm really interested in the Volcanic beaches..the sand is actually black right? We have never been surfing before and are looking forward to getting into it since you can surf where we live year round (Tofino Canada). Any good starter spots to hit the waves?? We also heard that the restaurant Bumbu Bali is really good you have any other ideas of where we should try? It's our first trip to South East Asia so we are pretty green travellers in this area. We are also staying in Hong Kong for 4 nights too!

Any ideas are greatly appreciated! Reply to this

14 years ago, October 25th 2005 No: 4 Msg: #2959  
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Hey Jovogirl, I was in Bali earlier this year in January. There are many things to do, but some of the highlights are:

Ubud, where you can see many neat wood sculptures and lush green paddy fields that has been cultivated for centuries. We went to eat fried duck in Ubud, and it was one of the best meal I've ever had.

Besakih, the biggest Hindu temple in Bali (and might be in the world). It is pretty overwhelming, and try to see whether there are ceremonies during your visit - it's all worthed.

Bedugul, the picturesque blue lake with siluette of Balinese temples.

Tana Lot, a "floating" temple that is a perfect place to see the sunset.

Uluwatu, a temple up high in a cliff overlook the ocean.

Gianyar, an island where they put the dead just all over the place, but a big tree in the middle of the island supposedly caused the bodies not to rot. Not sure how it works, but not all things could be explained by science, right?

As far as food, try Gianyar for fried pig(literally, you can sit face to face with a pig's head), it was very tasty.

Kuta Beach has many places to take a surfing class hourly or daily, but it is worth of a visit. We went bungy jumping at AJ Hackett Co., a New Zealand company who invented the bungee back in NZ. Reply to this

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