South America
June 10th 2014
Published: July 23rd 2014
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Since the very beginning of my journey I have been utterly fascinated by the ubiquitous culture of the mural. From historical accounts to fantasyscapes, the mural portrays the self-image of the South American. It is a window into not only the soul of the artist but into that of the dominant and sub-cultures of a society as well. It will tell you as much about the political and social as the spiritual consciousness of a people and in doing so, will reaffirm and solidify it. The mural holds the power to transform the mundane into the creative, the apathetic into the contemplative. As much a memorial as a vision for the future, the mural is equal part documentation and map, and as in the case of Valparaíso, it yields the power to turn an entire city into a playground. Needless to say, I am deeply impressed by the captivating street art that I have had the luck of finding here, so much so that I am dedicating an entire album to it. So here it is. Enjoy. Be inspired and let the creativity flow.

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